About us

Our goals

Describing and systematization of archives.

There are about 45000 descriptions of documentaries in Russian and English on the site already. Specialists of net-film, together with the staff of archives and film studios, continue their work on describing and systematization of new materials, compilation of thematic catalogs and collections.

Digitization of films.

General footage mediums are film and Betacam SP, Betacam Digital, DV CAM. We digitalize film and video tapes in a professional standard and give an opportunity to work with preview files with time-code directly on net-film.ru. Preview files are available for preliminary watching and selection of fragments of footage as well as for downloading, and can be used for a rough cut in case of using of newsreel fragments as a part of a new film.

New services.

We develop new internet services to help in the ongoing work of film professionals.

Quick and convenient services

Footages from our archive.

You can order footage in hi quality for the rough cut or movie for broadcasting and quickly get it through ftp server.


Under agreements with rightholders we can license for using of all footages and movies available on the site.

Research services.

Professional editors will help you find and select the footages for your project, not only in our archives, but also in other archives.

For private persons.

You can order a DVD film copy or order access to download from ftp server.

We are open to partnership

For film archives and rightholders.

We are ready to develop individual partnerships conditions for placing your movies and footages on the net-film. Our experience of systematization of archives , digitization of films and the preparation of submissions to Internet users increase the availability of your products for professional audiences.

For film studios, production companies.

Agreement for research services and licensing will allow to develop individual prices and quick online access to footages.

For cameraman and filmmakers.

If you have your own archives, interesting shooting of famous places, unusual or memorable footages, and you are ready to license this materials for using, we will help to place it on our website for distribution.