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Foreign newsreels 1977 № 5150

News, 1 part to collection F 10/2/2015

Bulgaria - The shooting of the two-part Bulgarian-Soviet film "The Countess Vrevskaia" ("Mosfilm" and "Bulgarian cinema").

The film is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Bulgaria's liberation from the Turkish yoke.

Soviet cameraman Vadim Yusov.

In the role of the Countess Vrevskaya - Ludmila Saveliev.

Bulgaria - 80 - year anniversary of the Bulgarian filmmaker, a pioneer of the Bulgarian socialist art Strashimirov Rasheva.

Awarding the Order celebrant.

Bulgaria - Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the National Children's Choir "Bodra Smyana."


Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4484

News, 1 part to collection F 10/2/2015

Rwanda - National Park Kagerra - Reserve.

Hungary - National Federation c / x and Exhibition Fair in Budapest.

Mongolia - Ulan - Bator: Meeting of the Polish delegation.

Polish-Mongolian talks.

Czechoslovakia - Rise of Rome and youth delegations from different countries.

The laying of wreaths in memory of VI Lenin.

Bulgaria - Plovdiv Fair Opening.

Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4454

News, 1 part to collection F 10/2/2015

Japan - Meeting dedicated to the memory of the fallen 30 years ago in Hiroshima Atomic Bomb.

August 6.

Poland - Construction of the power plant, quarry for lignite mining and power engineering of the new city in Bełchatów near Lodz.

Netherlands - Demonstration at the airfield near Vupkel Eyndhofena American fighter F-16, for the purchase of Holland.

Bulgaria - Construction of a second reactor at Kozloduy nuclear power plant.

Bulgaria - Work Institute Niproruda designing the company for Bulgaria and abroad.

Bulgaria - Specialized clock control room for harvesting.


Foreign newsreels 1963 № 880

News, 1 footage, Duration: 0:07:19.05 to collection F 10/2/2015

XX years of the Polish army.

The presentation of Marshal Rodion Malinovsky badge of honorary citizen of Warsaw.

Foreign newsreels 1969 № 1948

News, 6 footages, Duration: 0:11:11.413 to collection F 10/1/2015

Hungary - "It was 50 years ago" - chronicles varied material in March 1919.

Hungary - Celebration of the liberation of Hungary from the Nazis.

GDR - Death Chairman of the People's Chamber of the GDR I. Dilman.

Chronicle material about him.

Romania - an election rally and mass meeting in Bucharest.

Speaker Nicolae Ceausescu (sinhronno.).

Bulgaria - Celebrating the 80 th anniversary of the birth of the great Bulgarian revolutionary communist Stanke Dimitrov in Stanke Dimitrov-.


Foreign newsreels 1977 № 5179

News, 1 part to collection F 10/1/2015

Special Report - Energy.

Energy crisis.

Taken: Smoking chimneys of factories.

Development of coal pits.


Storage tanks.

Headlines of foreign newspapers.


Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4471

News, 1 part to collection F 10/1/2015

Czechoslovakia - Construction of the cable car and jumping on Eshshedah.

Czechoslovakia - Construction of power plant in the South Moravian region of the river Jihlava.

Czechoslovakia - Prague Building warehouses.

Primator Prague Zuska - inspects warehouses.

Czechoslovakia - Czechoslovak President Gustav Husak in Bratislava.

The laying of wreaths and a meeting with States.

And political leaders.


Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4498

News, 1 part to collection F 10/1/2015

Hungary - Party and government delegation of the DRV headed by Le Duan in Hungary.

Peru, Hungary - Ancient Inca jewelry.

Exhibition "Peruvian gold treasures" in Budapest.

Czechoslovakia - Industrial Exhibition in Brno.

Brand new machinery, machine tools, automobiles.

Czechoslovakia - Delegation of the Socialist Party of Belgium in Bratislava.

Reception at J. Lenart.


Foreign newsreels 1971 № 2699

News, 8 footages, Duration: 0:10:36.955 to collection F 10/1/2015

Czechoslovakia - Plans for the animals in the zoo stays.

England - International "race" snails.

Germany - the discovery of the "flea market" in Nuremberg.

German [or West Berlin] - 50-year anniversary of motor racing track "AVUS" Annalistic stuff - auto racing.

France - Racing on the new Paul Ricard track near Marseille.


USA - Opening exhibition of American Art in New York. . (Mounting plate not).


Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4469

News, 1 part to collection F 10/1/2015

Yugoslavia, the UN - Kurt Waldheim's visit to Yugoslavia.

Yugoslavia - Reception Josip Broz Tito's widow Allende.


Yugoslavia - Construction of the pipeline and roads in Serbia.

Yugoslavia - Construction of power plant on the river Piva Mratinzh.

Yugoslavia - Awarding the Order of the National Hero of the City of Zagreb.