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By Don and Kuban 1984 № 5

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Memorial service at enterprises and institutions of

Rostov-on-Don in connection with the funeral in

Moscow Yuri Andropov.

Funeral ceremony in the Hall of Columns, the funeral procession in

Moscow on the occasion of the funeral of Yuri Andropov.

Combine in the assembly shop of the plant "Rostselmash".

From the shop out 2 millionth processor.


By Don and Kuban 1984 № 4

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Production processes in the shop building plant in

Gulkevichi Krasnodar Territory.

Green Zone Works: greenhouse, greenhouse.

Caretakers Sochi lighthouse BP Efremov and TE Corn on watch.

In a photo studio

Gulkevichi Krasnodar Territory.

Photographer photographing VF Draev.


By Don and Kuban 1984 № 3

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Outside Office of the Rostov Regional Committee of the CPSU in the village of Pokrovsky Neklinovsky district of Rostov region on integrated construction in rural areas.

Performs the first secretary of the Rostov Regional Party Committee IA Bondarenko.

Participants visited bureau store construction materials, building materials exhibition.

Seiners fishing farm "Red Troopers" Rostov region of inaction in the off-season.

Utility commercial agriculture farm.

Production processes at the processing plant fish, sewing workshop, embroidery shop in the gilded capitals, in the shop of plastic materials.

Interview farm chairman AI Vlasov (synchronously).

By Don and Kuban 1984 № 23

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Village Kochetov Rostov region.

Funeral Soviet writer VA Zakrutkin.

Honor guard at the tomb, the funeral procession; placing flowers on the grave VA Zakrutkin.

Composer W. White - author of the song "Eaglet".

Portrait of the first performer of the song "Eaglet" artist A. Okaemova.

Information A. Okaemove as volunteer people's militia, prisoners of war, party underground guerrilla movement.

Newsreel: The people's militia fighters, a POW camp; train guerrillas exploded.


By Don and Kuban 1984 № 24

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Harvesting corn on the farm-stud Budennyi Rostov region, the production process of her cornmeal.

Type of corn mass.

Livestock farm complex "Zarechnyj" Neklinovsky Rostov region.

Milking cows using milking machines.

Caring for young.

The use of horses in agricultural work on the farm "Lenin's Path" Peschanokopsky Rostov region.

Blacksmith shoeing a horse.


By Don and Kuban 1984 № 22

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

The use of solar energy in some farms of Rostov region.

Livestock buildings with solar thermal systems, developed by specialists of the Russian Research and Design Technology Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture, located in


View windmill.

Test windmill manufacturing plant Astrakhan "Vetroenergomash" Marhotskom to pass under the city


Settlement Mostovskoi Krasnodar Territory.


By Don and Kuban 1984 № 21

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Solemn meeting teachers and students Naval Academy in

Rostov-on-Don on the occasion of awarding college Order of Friendship of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Celebrations commemorating the 100th anniversary of the village Novorogovskoy Egorlykskaya Rostov region.

Rewarding farmers.


On a holiday present cosmonaut VA Janibekov.

Horse racing at the Hippodrome, the


By Don and Kuban 1984 № 20

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Fields planted with rice in Krasnoarmeysky district of Krasnodar region, which is grown on bezgerbitsidnoy technology.

Harvesting rice.

Production, testing instruments, units for repair railway tracks on the Kaluga plant vehicle engineering.

Plantation water plants - lotus in the reserves of the Amur River floodplain and delta of the Kuban River.

Study lotus staff of the Botanical Garden of the Kuban State University.

Circus show at the dolphinarium near the city


By Don and Kuban 1984 № 2

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Special Issue newsreel "Milestones creation" about the success of the workers of the Rostov region.

Assembly, testing combine "Don", produced at the plant "Rostselmash".

Work on the combine "Don" noble combiner Rostov region NV Pereverzeva.

Collective farm "Homeland" Oblivsky Rostov region.

Interview farm chairman NP Trehsvoyakova.

Production processes in powder metallurgy shop Krasnosulinsky smelter Rostov region.

Construction of residential buildings, agricultural buildings on the farm "Russia" Neklinovlky district.

By Don and Kuban 1984 № 19

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Harvesting grain on the farm named Adyg XXII Party Congress Shovgenovskogo district.

Machine operators work-family Shaguzhevyh combiners.

Agriculture farm "Manych" Oryol region, Rostov region; flock of sheep, horse farm.

Fodder; milking mares.

Preparation kumys.

Car accident on a road in the Rostov region.

Listening in Rostov House writers and composers of music composer L. Klinicheva the ballet "Quiet Flows the Don."