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Cinematography. (1938)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:00:26.72 to collection B 11/14/2012

A sign on the building fighting positions.

Call for students in Cinematography, students read the ad.

Young people at the institute before the exam: talk, read, repeat.

Students in class at the Institute

ENEA (VSHV). (1939)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:01:54.12 to collection B 11/14/2012

1939: Agricultural Exhibition.

The audience at the Pavilion


The audience in the hall "Grain".


Pavilion "Grain".

C / x technology at the exhibition.


United Kingdom. (1990 - 1999)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:01:03.4 to collection B 11/14/2012

Freeway, passing cars, double decker bus.

Landscapes UK - removed from the movement.

Road transport on the road - different plans.

In the paddock grazing horses, sheep.

Fields, houses - withdrawn from the movement.

Wernher von Braun. (1960 - 1969)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:03:01.08 to collection B 11/14/2012

Drive up car, the crowd on the street.

On the podium, Werner von Braun and his wife.

A poster in honor of von Braun.

Wernher von Braun on the podium.

Helicopters. (1980 - 1989)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:05:18.56 to collection B 11/14/2012

The Ka-126 in the field.

Observers in the field.

Ka-126 takes off.

Test flight of Ka-126.


The pilot comes out of the helicopter.

Pilot talking with the audience.


The Ka-15. (1960 - 1969)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:01:00.2 to collection B 11/14/2012

Helicopters Design Bureau im.Kamova. (1965 - 1979)

Footage, 4 footages, Duration: 0:34:07.56 to collection B 11/14/2012

Tests of the Ka-25 on field, in the water.

At the table sit at the nature of the designers.

The Ka-32 on the field.

Pass the developers are greeted with the crew members and technicians.

The developers of the helicopter.

The pilots sit in the helicopter, the helicopter takes off.

Descent on a rope from the helicopter.


The Ka-252. (1973)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:11:06.08 to collection B 11/14/2012

The Ka-252.

Ship is flying the Ka-252.

12.1973: Pilot EI Laryushin after a test flight at the Ka-252 converses with the audience on the tarmac.

Ka-32 landing on the ship.

08.1973: Pilot NP Childless out of the Ka-252.

The participants rocked the pilot.

The cargo compartment is a helicopter.


The Ka-26. (1965 - 1967)

Footage, 3 footages, Duration: 0:04:36.44 to collection B 11/14/2012

Landing helicopter Ka-26.

Ka-26 takes off, flies over the field.

The helicopter handles vineyards.

Pollination of field from a helicopter.


The pilot in the cockpit of the helicopter.

The Ka-50. (1980 - 1989)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:03:43.32 to collection B 11/14/2012

Fly a helicopter approaching to land.

The Ka-50 ("Black Shark") in the air.