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A Conspiracy against the Republic. (1980)

Documentary, 5 частей, Хронометраж: 0:46:52 to collection A 14.11.2012

About the exhausting days of Afghanistan, which got rid of Hafizullah Amin's rule; attempts of the foreign and internal counterrevolution to destroy achievements of the Afghan people.

The events which took place in February of 1980.

History of foreign countries | The War in Afghanistan | History | Wars, conflicts and disasters

Soldiers of the People. Soldiers of the World.. (1980)

Documentary, 6 частей, Хронометраж: 0:51:47 to collection A 14.11.2012

About the history of the Warsaw Agreement, goals and tasks of this military-political allience, which is supposed to protect conquests of the countries of the socialist allience.

World War II | International military organizations | History | Defense and internal security

Why Was the Olympic Bear (the mascot of the Olympics -1980 in Moscow) Crying.. (1980)

Documentary, 3 части, Хронометраж: 0:22:58 to collection A 14.11.2012

The film tells about the holding of the Olympics-80 in Moscow, on the boykott of Moscow Olympic Games by the USA administration.

Olympics 80 | Sport

On the Kulikovo Field.. (1980)

Documentary, 4 части, Хронометраж: 0:35:49 to collection A 14.11.2012

A journalist film on the occasion of the 600th Anniversary of the Kulikovo Battle [In 1380, on the Kulikovo Field, the Russian army won victory over the Tartars].

The film tells in detail about this great historical event using manuscripts, documents, iconographic materials.

Equestrian Sport. Olympic Games - 80.. (1981)

Documentary, 4 части, Хронометраж: 0:40:00 to collection A 14.11.2012

On competition in equestrian sports at the Olympics.

Closure of the Olympics.

Olympics 80 | Sport

The Symphony of Peace.. (1981)

Documentary, 6 частей, Хронометраж: 0:51:46 to collection A 14.11.2012

About the I Moscow Festival of Symphonic Music.

Music | Culture and Arts

A True Son of the Party and People.. (1982)

Documentary, 3 части, Хронометраж: 0:27:01 to collection A 14.11.2012

The film is dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of birthday of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Chairman of the Presidium of the the USSR Supreme Council - Leonid Brezhnev.

Political figures | Biography

№ 11 The Special Purpose Armored Train (Chronicle of the BAM (The Baikal-Amur Mainline)[BAM film chronicle]. (1981)

Documentary, 2 части, Хронометраж: 0:20:02 to collection A 14.11.2012

A film of the Baikal-Amur Mainline chronicle.

It tells about a leading team of tracklayer headed by Valentine Shpenkov.

Such a Soldier Is Invincible (Apprenticeship "Zapad - 81"). (West-81). (1981)

Documentary, 5 частей, Хронометраж: 0:46:03 to collection A 14.11.2012

A film about the war games "Zapad-81".

Newsreel of the times of war is used.

Military exercises and maneuvers | Defense and internal security | Army

A Tale About the Constitution of the USSR and About Soviet Laws.. (1982)

Documentary, 3 части, Хронометраж: 0:24:58 to collection A 14.11.2012

About the Soviet Union's legislative power work, about the basic provisions of the USSR Constitution and socialist and socialist lawfulness.

Authorities and management | State institutions