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Moscow Attractions. (1990)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:01:37 to collection G 7/16/2019

Views of the Moscow Kremlin (tower, St.

Basil's Cathedral, Ivan the Great bell tower).

Novodevichy convent.

Church bells.

Dome at sunset.

"Unknown Israel". (1990)

Promotional, 1 part, Duration: 0:00:53 to collection G 7/16/2019

Promotional video documentary film "Unknown Israel" (1990).

Towns and countries | Countries of the world

Training of the astronauts in the water. (1980 - 1989)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:04:48 to collection G 7/16/2019

Theodosius, a ship at sea, Parking on the anchors.

Training astronauts, worked through the procedures for landing on water.

Materials on the film "the Attic.Moscow.Chef". (1995)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:10:51 to collection G 7/16/2019


Preparation of art exhibitions.

The opening of the exhibition.

Paintings, drawings, mechanical sculptures and other compositions.

The artists ' studios.

Materials on the film "the Artist Petrov-Vodkin". (1967)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:02:36 to collection G 7/16/2019

The Paintings Of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin.



Portrait of the wife.


Materials on the film "Mescherskaya side". (1986)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:06:10 to collection G 7/16/2019

Meshchersky natural Park (lakes and rivers, fields and forests), shooting from a helicopter.

Spring flood, shooting with movement through the water, over the river and through the flooded forest areas.

Crows over the nests.

Market economy of Germany. (1980 - 1989)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:11:49 to collection G 7/16/2019


Mountain landscapes, farmhouses, shooting with motion on the road.

Calf on a meadow.

Natural panoramas.



Travel through the city streets.


Dmitri Shostakovich, chronicle of different years. (1965 - 1975)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:02:41 to collection G 7/16/2019

Dmitri Shostakovich in the audience.

Composer at the rehearsal of the orchestra.

Chronicle of the years of war: destroyed houses, fires.

Applause auditorium, the composer with the orchestra on the bow.

People give musicians with flowers.

Autumn landscapes. (1975 - 1985)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:03:47 to collection G 7/15/2019

Autumn natural scenery (ponds, parks, groves, etc.).

Surf, fly over the waves seagulls.

River, shooting from a helicopter.

Rocky riverbed, river rapids.

Foam on the water.

The Amur land. (1975 - 1985)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:04:52 to collection G 7/15/2019

Amur oblast, Blagoveshchensk train station.

A moving train, shot from a helicopter.

Bridges across the river.

The building of unusual shape.

The train moves on rails.

View of the city from the river.

Panorama of forest, shot from a helicopter.