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Artist Aleksandr Alekseevich Borisov. (1987)

Footage, 22 footages, Duration: 0:14:16 to collection A 6/19/2019

Catalogue of paintings by A. A. Borisov.

Work sausage module in Bear lake. (1990)

Footage, 32 footages, Duration: 0:07:56 to collection A 6/19/2019

The village of Bear Lake road, and private houses.

The road to the outskirts of the village.

Materials on the film "Afghanistan 11 anniversary of the April revolution". (1989)

Footage, 4 footages, Duration: 0:07:02 to collection A 6/18/2019

At the solemn meeting on the occasion of the anniversary of the April revolution stands Najibullah.

General views of the podium and the hall.

Faces of the audience.


North, Arctic, bird rookeries. (1975 - 1985)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:02:34 to collection A 6/18/2019

Lund in grass thickets.

Seagulls on coastal rocks.

Oystercatcher looking for food in the shallows.

Wagtail at the water's edge.

Nestling herring gulls floating near the shore.

Toporko and seagulls sitting on the boulders.

Seagulls on coastal rocks.


Landscapes of the Middle band of the USSR. (1975 - 1985)

Footage, 29 footages, Duration: 0:30:50 to collection A 6/18/2019

Birch and separately growing shrubs.

Branch of a birch close up.

Branch of a Bush with remains of inflorescences.

Mixed forest (young trees in the birch wood).

Trunks of birch trees.

The birch bark.

Yellowing leaves on the trees.


Landscapes Of Karelia. (1975 - 1985)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:05:13 to collection A 6/18/2019

Wooded hill, river, coastal landscapes.

Field, on the grass, cloud shadows, in the background wooded hills.

Rural houses.

Storks on the field.


The view from behind the trees on the shore of the lake.

Sunset over the lake.


Paris attractions. (1975 - 1985)

Footage, 3 footages, Duration: 0:01:37 to collection A 6/18/2019

Paris attractions. (1970 - 1979)

Footage, 3 footages, Duration: 0:09:34 to collection A 6/18/2019

Panorama of Paris from the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral (Notre Dame de Paris).

Gargoyles on the Cathedral roof, the types of the adjacent blocks (the rooftops, the Seine river, bridges).

People on the observation deck.

Eiffel tower.


Seine and bridges.

Notre Dame de Paris.


Moscow, General plans. (1975 - 1985)

Footage, 3 footages, Duration: 0:02:06 to collection A 6/17/2019

Lenin (Sparrow) mountains.

Views of the Moscow river because of the trees.

Natural panoramas in the vicinity of the stadium in Luzhniki.

The bridge over the Moscow river, the view of the building of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (now Russian Academy of Sciences).

Panorama from the bridge to the stadium.

A man looks through a telescope.

A view of the river and the Park.

Poultry: geese, ducks. (1975 - 1985)

Footage, 8 footages, Duration: 0:02:52 to collection A 6/17/2019

Flock of white geese on the water.

Birds flock to the shore.