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Foreign newsreels 1972 № 3277

News, 7 footages, Duration: 0:07:14.254 to collection F 2/5/2016

Mexico - "Mexican experience" - Beach.



Man jumps from a cliff into the water.

Mexico - Siqueiros at work on the monumental mural.

Mexico - Siqueiros at work.

The new center Siqueiros.


Foreign newsreels 1969 № 2128

News, 10 footages, Duration: 0:09:58.881 to collection F 2/5/2016

Cuba - The visit of Defense Minister Grechko.

West Berlin - protest demonstration against the war in Vietnam.

Germany - The new chancellor Willy Brandt.

Germany - a diplomatic reception in Bonn, hosted by the new government Brandt.

Germany - the Press Ball in Bonn.

Present President Heineman in Amsterdam.

Netherlands - Visit of the President of Germany Heineman in Amsterdam.


Foreign newsreels 1965 № 1154

News, 9 footages, Duration: 0:10:52.997 to collection F 2/5/2016

South Vietnam.

The U.S. aggression in Vietnam.

Demonstration of human flight by rocket belt.



Education of the population guerrilla methods of struggle.



Foreign newsreels 1965 № 1133

News, 1 footage, Duration: 0:01:05.377 to collection F 2/5/2016

Military maneuvers of the Warsaw Pact in the GDR. V.Ulbriht.

Foreign newsreels 1970 № 2288

News, 7 footages, Duration: 0:09:41.493 to collection F 2/5/2016

Mexico - Inaugural Meeting of the 100th anniversary of Lenin's birth.

Acts Siqueiros.

Poland - State Award for May 1.

Performs W. Gomulka.

Poland - The story of four of the 100,000 people who joined the ranks of the Polish United Workers Party in the last year.

Bulgaria - The solemn meeting devoted to the 100th anniversary of Lenin's birth.

Bulgaria - Star Relay under the motto "From the ideas of Lenin" (finish).


Foreign newsreels 1972 № 3073

News, 9 footages, Duration: 0:12:01.859 to collection F 2/5/2016

Poland - Tourists - Americans of Polish descent in Torun.

Monuments arhitekturyYugoslaviya - Report of the Polish operator: Rijeka, Iron Gate, Dubrovnik.

India - Construction steel plant in Bokaro.

India - The rich harvest of wheat in Punjab.


Cuba - A report from Havana.

Cutting of sugar cane.


Foreign newsreels 1974 № 3747

News, 1 footage, Duration: 0:06:58.267 to collection F 2/5/2016

USSR, Germany - Special Issue "eye witness", dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the enemy blockade. 1947 - military ceremony at the airport in Germany, Defense Minister Leber.

Foreign newsreels 1971 № 2726

News, 6 footages, Duration: 0:11:52.81 to collection F 2/5/2016

GDR - Report from the Harz Mountains - Summer vacation.


West Berlin - "Rural Berlin" - outskirts of the city and surroundings.

France - Avignon Festival - Young people having fun on the streets.

Spain - Artist Juan Ramirez and his work (serious and "original").

Bulgaria - The competition for the title of "Miss Black Sea" in the resort of Albena.

The winner, actress Leningrad Ice Ballet.


Foreign newsreels 1969 № 1965

News, 9 footages, Duration: 0:11:07.747 to collection F 2/5/2016

England - The wedding of one of the Beatles - Paul McCartney.

John Lennon and his wife.

Austria - Wedding rings of the original form.

Spain - Spring holiday "extravaganza" in Seville.

France - Demonstration of the "children's fashion 2000" in Paris.

Germany - Demonstration of new original umbrellas and extravagant toilets.

Present Finance Minister Strauss.


Festival "rook field". (2014 - 2015)

Footage, 23 footages, Duration: 0:10:26.56 to collection S 2/5/2016

The soldiers sit in a boat.