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How it was (1998) 07/25/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:37:45.642 to collection V2 2/20/2018

The theme of the program is "Tragedy of the football player Streltsov, 1958".

Chronicle - Football match of the USSR-Poland in 1957.

Ivaniv Valentin tells how he and Streltsov Eduard missed the Moscow-Berlin train.

Belokovsky Oleg, Ivaniv Valentin, Simonyan Nikita, Tkachenko Alexander talk about Streltsov Edward.


How it was (1998) 03/21/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:37:58.659 to collection V2 2/20/2018

A home newsreel of the Ovechkin family, who captured the passenger plane on March 8, 1988.

Speech ensemble Ovechkin "The Seven Simeons" in Moscow in 1985.

Igor Ovechkin gives evidence at the trial of an attempt to go to the West during foreign tours (synchronously).

Burnt and destroyed in the fire the body of the aircraft.

Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs inspect the charred cabin and interior.

Co-pilot Alexander Anisimov and flight engineer Innokenty Stupakov talk about the capture of the Ovechkin airplane, the actions of the crew, negotiations with terrorists, Actions Ovechkin during the seizure of the aircraft, the entry of terrorists with the help of ground services, the landing of an airplane on a special airfield, About the death of stewardess Tamara Zharkoy, taken hostage, about the actions of the capture group during the assault on the aircraft, the trial of Ovechkin, the errors of the ground services, which were the causes of the tragedy and imperfection of the legislation.


How it was (1998) 12/19/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:37:51.637 to collection V2 2/20/2018

Deputy head of the International Department of the CPSU Central Committee in 1980, Georgy Shakhnazarov and political commentator Alexander Bovin talk about the reaction of the Soviet Leadership on the events in Poland and taking measures to prevent an anti-socialist coup (synchronously).

Photos of popular performances in Poland in the autumn-winter of 1980.

The head of the Warsaw branch of Solidarity in 1980-1981 Zbignev Buyak and journalist Irena Lewandowska talk about their relationship with Lech Walesa, About his leadership qualities, about the actions of the power structures of Poland before the introduction of the martial law, about human casualties during clashes with power Structures, the preparation by the Polish leadership of a military solution to the problem, the actions of Jaruzelski, the assistance of the Soviet desertor, the arrest after the introduction of martial law and stay in prison, about his life in modern Poland.

Former Polish President Lech Walesa speaks about the ideological and spiritual basis of the events of 1980 in Poland, the role of the Pope in the further victory of the democratic forces in Poland (synchronously).


How it was (1998) 07/18/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:38:11.562 to collection V2 2/20/2018

Boris Pasternak: the history of the Nobel Prize.

How it was (1998) 08/15/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:37:57.779 to collection V2 2/20/2018

The death of the Soviet test pilot Valery Chkalov. 1938

How it was (1998) 03/14/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:37:57.828 to collection V2 2/20/2018

Newsreel 1963: the hall brings the paintings of avant-garde artists, Khrushchev NS. Stands from the rostrum, behind the scenes the soundtrack of Khrushchev's speech with criticism of avant-garde art (synchronously).

Artists Boris Steinberg, Tatyana Levitskaya and Sergei Bordachev talk about their work in the 1970s, about the organization of an exhibition of avant-garde painting on Wasteland in the Belyaevo area by the forces of artists in 1974, about the aims of the organizers of the exhibition, about the surveillance of the state security organs about them, about the problems Avant-garde artists in the first half of the 1970s, the dispersal of the exhibition, the opening of the next exhibition in Izmaylovsky Park with the permission of the authorities, on subsequent contacts with the KGB.

Collector Leonid Talochkin talks about his collection of avant-garde art, about attempts to obtain permission for the organization of the exhibition, the actions of employees Police and KGB during the dispersal of the exhibition, recalls the most vivid episodes of the events that took place, speaks about the fate of the exhibitors, about their collection.

Photos of the participants of the "bulldozer" exhibition with their works and the dispersal of the exhibition by police officers.


How it was (1998) 09/12/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:37:48.497 to collection V2 2/20/2018

The search for the missing Amber Room.

How it was (1998) 11.07.1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:38:46.533 to collection V2 2/20/2018

Theme - The search for royal remains.

Newsreel - Tsar Nicholas II.

Ryabov Heliy tells about his trip to Sverdlovsk in 1997 with the purpose of visiting the house of Ipatiev, where the family of Nicholas II was laid and searching for the royal remains.

Ryabov Heliy tells about the meeting of Yurovsky Rimma and Yurovsky Alexander with the children of Yurovsky Yakov, the head of the execution of the last Russian emperor Nicholas II.


How it was (1998) 01/10/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:37:44.4 to collection V2 2/20/2018


On August 23, 1989, on the day of the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, about two million people lined up along the "Tallinn-Riga" highway, a 600 km long live chain.

For a minute people held each other's hands and chanted "Freedom!"

Six months after that moment of unity, the Seimas of Lithuania decided to withdraw from the USSR, 96% of the deputies voted for it.

Then no one could imagine that in April 1990 the economic blockade of the republic would begin, and in January 1991 the tanks would enter the capital ...

The succession of tragic events on January 12-13, 1991 is being restored by Lithuanian journalist Edmundas Ganasauskas, TV presenters Egle Buchelite and Tatiana Mitkova, who suffered Loretta Shlyakene.

The program includes footage of the chronicle: people on the track on August 23, 1989, the night from January 12 to January 13, 1991 in Vilnius with radio military talks, a fragment of the night the release of TV news with a fragment of the documentary After Lethargy (1989, directed by A. Nikishin), which Tatyana Mitkova and her colleagues released on air instead of the reportage banned by the leadership.

How it was (1998) 07/04/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:37:52.715 to collection V2 2/20/2018

The epidemic of anthrax in Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg) in 1979 - the terrible consequences of leaking biological weapons.