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Valery Belyakovich interviews. (1996)

Footage, 2 footages, Duration: 0:00:24.516 to collection S 2/5/2016

Valery Belyakovich says twentieth anniversary of the theater.

Valdis Pelsh interviews. (1996)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:01:41.041 to collection S 2/5/2016

Shop CD.

Customers stand at the windows disk.

Valdis Pelsh autographs.

Valdis Pelsh talks about the new music album.

Shelf with CD drives of the "accident".

Alex looks Kortnev CD.

Pool "The Seagull". (1996)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:00:29.88 to collection S 2/5/2016

Pool "The Seagull" in the open air.

Children and adults float.

Diving board into the water.

The spectators in the stands.

Vadim Stepantsov interviews. (1996)

Footage, 2 footages, Duration: 0:00:49.959 to collection S 2/5/2016

Vadim Stepantsov says courtly mannerist poetry.

Event bus drivers.. (1996)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:00:50.92 to collection S 2/5/2016


Buses operate complex figures driving.

In the frame of the car Gazelle, "RAF-ambulance", PAZ, KAvZ.

Winners keep prizes.

Directions transport on Nevsky Prospect. (1996)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:00:24 to collection S 2/5/2016

Cars and trolley ride along Nevsky Prospekt.

Yuri Kuklachev interviews. (1996)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:00:18.961 to collection S 2/5/2016

The foyer of the theater cats Kuklacheva.

Yuri Kuklachev in clown makeup holding the hands of a cat is about the theater.

Meeting of veterans in the theater Square on May 9. (1996)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:01:23.199 to collection S 2/5/2016

Theatre Square.

WWII veterans meet with brother.

Veterans talk about tradition meet at the Bolshoi Theater.

Among the veterans, General Alexander Lebed.

People sing and dance.

Columns theater decorated with St.

George ribbon.

Hope Mikhalkov, interviews. (2001)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:01:44.8 to collection S 2/5/2016

Pleasure boats, evening.

Window view Hotel Baltschug Kempinski.

Hope Mikhalkov in evening dress sits at a table.

Hope Mikhalkov talks about his dress.

Zharikov Andrey Dmitrievich, interviews. (1996)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:00:17.719 to collection S 2/5/2016

The Central House of Writers.

A.D.Zharikov talks about literary prizes to writers - veterans.