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History of Flight. (2002)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 0:26:48.197 to collection S 12/26/2016

A film about the polar pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union Pavel Georgievich Golovin.

First pilot overflying the North Pole in 1937.

His fate, in the context of the country's life.

At the same time the story is told of the conquered areas of the Soviet Union, the people who have entered into the development history of the brightest pages of the north.

Heroes of Space

Dollhouse. (2005)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 0:26:54.989 to collection S 12/26/2016

The image of women and young people - models, beautiful, carefree, self-confident, has long been a role model for today's youth.

What girl does not dream of luxury dresses, meetings with film and TV stars, fame and glory?

Which of them do not draw yourself on the cover of Vogue or Elle fashion magazine?

However, models of life - the eternal pursuit of a dream.

Something it is like a game in a casino - the constant feeling that a miracle is about to happen, and you will get the main prize.

All the time it seems that the goal remains practically nothing, practically one step, and when fate throws you a few moves ago, you do not give up, and think of it only as a temporary difficulties and with new forces thrown into the struggle for success.

So they live their best years - chasing the ghost of his dreams.

Sometimes luck smiles to them, and for some time they triumph deserved victory, but after a while it just turns them mercilessly.

Case, of course, and wonders, and our heroines conquer scheduled garrisons.

But most of the models will remain in the same place where they started.

And almost none of them get away with this way - it is an illusory happiness will remain tantalizingly close, and hope to be chosen one destiny it will be warm in their minds as long as already quite obvious obstacles, such as inexorably increasing age, they will not be diverted from this road.

Who wants me?. (2006)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 0:26:39.456 to collection S 12/26/2016

The main question raised in the film - Why are young, beautiful, and not stupid, mostly popular at work, women are often not claimed the opposite sex?

Why creating a family for the modern woman has become almost unaffordable luxury?

Our heroine - a woman with the already established position in life, having an interesting job, and respect in the team, but did not arrange his personal life.

And each of them has its own explanation of the situation and its own decisions.

How do they spend their days?

Do they aspire to the family hearth, and still they are satisfied with the status quo?

These questions answer themselves heroine, people professionally engaged in the problem of loneliness - the director of marriage agency and, of course, they - men.

Social life

Street - scene. (2004)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 0:25:51.445 to collection S 12/26/2016

On the streets, intersections, squares of German cities of music sounds like a familiar piece of street general sound design.

Familiar classical music: Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi ...

And musicians face easily recognizable: our Russian


I want to fly. (2005)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 0:27:01.196 to collection S 12/26/2016

The authors are trying to decipher the main conflict in the relationship between man and the air that is in their thoughts and dreams Man knows and he sees what he wants to do and how it can and must fly, but check out these opportunities and realize these dreams, alas, is possible only sitting in the cockpit of a small airplane, a helicopter or dirigible.

In search of these people is stronger machine.

Metal can withstand instantaneous overload.

In the air, by the will of man, on the metal structure in one second can impact force by-9 to +9 O. From these metal could collapse.

But this happens only in those cases where a person who seeks to know and coming into contact with the mystery of flight, begin to subdue the air.

And then the air can be fatal.

If a person can not be all the same ever just run up and just take off, try to understand this living being - air that can raise man above the Earth, will be eternal.

Well, at least until such time as the person still does not fly!

RS You flew ever dream?

Want to try?

Free choice. (2008)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 0:30:09.204 to collection S 12/26/2016

Choose - it's hard.

Choosing whether we wife, MP, ice cream, profession - we are always at risk.

We know that the wrong choice, we inflict damage, hurt, destroy the plans.

But life somehow arranged so that at every moment we are going to have a choice.

Of course, it would be safer without this hassle, but we know - without it, life stops.

And continue to choose, select, select ...

The history of mankind shows that our ability to make a choice, alas, is not perfect.

As a result, our business world is much withers, hardens and shrinks.

It is obvious that, by opting for its use, not only do we often make mistakes, but also personal benefit imagine how something perverted.

Therefore, even winning, we manage the biggest loser

A long time ago. (2013)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 0:38:51.464 to collection S 12/26/2016

The film is based on the pre-revolutionary newsreel - its purpose and the task to penetrate the carefully misrepresented by historians and politicians of the time when "the poor, the illiterate, dark Tsarist Russia" still did not know what it is poor, dark and ignorant.

The film is constructed of short chapters, episodes, telling us about the various areas of life of the Russian Empire: industry, construction, charity, sport, land reclamation, etc.

Apparent eye on the screen is contrary written in textbooks.

So for the sake of this film was conceived.


Land ownership or Russian «HAPPY ALASKA DAY». (2003)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 0:39:13.4 to collection S 12/26/2016

The film is about how Russia has opened, mastered and has lost vast colony of Alaska-Russian America.

Feats of Russian pioneers, at the cost of great difficulties and hardships, mastered the wild expanses of unknown land on the American continent, an example of patriotism and enterprise for the glory of Russia.

Russia, however, has not been able to keep their holdings in the outer reaches of the Empire.

The history and the fate of Russian America and its founding pioneers not only interesting in itself, but also instructive.


Russian Thebaid. (2014)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 0:52:51.28 to collection S 12/26/2016

The film "Russian Thebaid" - is not only and not so much the historical review in depth

ages, not just the story of the great ascetics of the Russian North.

This is largely an attempt to relate the story to the present, an attempt to understand what we are like our ancestors XV - XVII centuries.

This link between generations and traditions and create something

boundless space from Vologda to the White Sea, and creates Russian Thebaid.

Russian cities and regions

Academic portrait. (2004)

Documentary, 1 film, Duration: 0:39:30.443 to collection S 12/26/2016

The protagonist - Academician of RAS and RAMS, Director General of Research Cancer Center.

Blokhin, oncosurgeon of international renown - Mikhail Davydov.

The main feature of his "portrait" - the drama of permanent contact this fun, open, cheerful person with death - in his profession, in his risky adventures, his personal tragedies.