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Tonwohe 1942 № 583

Newsreel, 2 parts, Duration: 0:14:57.466 to collection G 9/23/2016

1. In Riga was held a solemn meeting which honored the women toilers of agriculture.

In the hall of the University before them by the Director, Mr.

Reinhard, General-Commissioner Dancers.

On the podium a reply was made by the representative of the female fascist organization.

Women are handed flowers.

2. Damaged Church in Poland, close-up shattered in the explosions of stained glass.

Wizard restore the stained glass Windows showing stages of the work.


Tonwohe 1943 № 612

Newsreel, 2 parts, Duration: 0:14:48.662 to collection G 9/23/2016

1. In Bucharest was opened the industrial exhibition with Romanian and German exhibitions.

The exhibition was visited by the Romanian king Michael and Marshal Antonescu.

On the wall a portrait of Hitler.

The halls are models of machines and equipment for industry and construction.

Model steam locomotive, equipment for mines and construction.

The layout of the dock to build ships.

Photos of bridges, models.


Tonwohe 1942 № 574

Newsreel, 2 parts, Duration: 0:18:35.163 to collection G 9/23/2016

1. Latvia, Lithuania.

Labor groups of the youth to work in agriculture.

Militarized labor group marches past the forest to the farm, the owner welcomes children Nazi salute.

The squad on the field mowing down the wheat, and gathers it in the stack, mower works.

Near the guys are working women.

Boy soldiers is replaced by the farmer on the hay baler.

Together with girls guys clean hay.


Tonwohe 1942 № 545

Newsreel, 2 parts, Duration: 0:11:32.578 to collection G 9/23/2016

1. The types Oslo in the winter, views of the old fortress, cannon wall.

To the castle of the approaching cars. 1.2.1942 the year there are celebrations on the occasion of the appointment Vidunda Quisling Prime Minister of Norway.

Quisling enters the room, he is greeted officials and guests.

The German delegation is led by Terboven.

Quisling speaks from the podium.

The Prime Minister out on the porch, the girls presented him with flowers as he passes the guard of honor.

Night torchlight procession in honor of the new Prime Minister, Quisling on the balcony watching the procession.


Tonwohe 1943 № 599

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:08:50.925 to collection G 9/23/2016

1. The ruins of the monastery of Emaus in Prague, which was destroyed in the bombing, which occurred on February 14.

People gather in the ruins the fragments of statues.

The restoration artists restore murals of XIV century.

The walls of the Cathedral in scaffolding, the restorers carefully adjust the pieces of plaster with drawings, photographing them.

2. Botanical garden in Prague.

The richest collection of plants and flowers, brought from different corners of the world, is grown in greenhouses and greenhouses of the garden.

Tropical plants, a sign on the tree – Ginkgo biloba, cacti.


Tonwohe 1942 № 589

Newsreel, 2 parts, Duration: 0:13:37.925 to collection G 9/23/2016

1. Baltic.

A spokeswoman for Franco's Spain attends a frontline hospital for the Spanish soldiers of "Blue division".

Together with the doctors, it bypasses the wounded Legionnaires, gives them awards from the Caudillo.

A visitor sits at the table with the wounded, walks in the Park.

Wounded make a snowman, play in the snow.

Women are included in the game, wounded throw snowballs at them.

2. The building of the Palace of modern art in Barcelona, decorated with banners with the swastika.


Tonwohe 1942 № 579

Newsreel, 2 parts, Duration: 0:06:19.153 to collection G 9/23/2016

1. Caudillo Franco visited the city of Oviedo.

Motorcade rides through city streets, the people welcomed him, people swarmed the balconies of the houses.

Franco attends the opening ceremony of the monument to king Alfonso II. Franco on the podium, he gives the officer shakes his hand.

Parade in front of Franco.

2. Italian General was present at the sports festival in Nuremberg.

Mass gymnastics girls at the stadium, they are turned into a few dances.

Dancing in pairs, ball games.


Tonwohe 1942 № 591

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:11:28.219 to collection G 9/23/2016

1. The Grand mufti of Jerusalem Mohammed Amin El-Husseini, who is on a visit to Germany, opens Islamic centre in Berlin on the eve of Ramadan.

He speaks to Muslims urging them to fight for the freedom of the Islamic countries.

In the hall of civilians and soldiers.

2. Czechoslovakia.

The name day of Hungarian Regent Miklos Horthy (German Nikolaus), the Hungarian colony in Prague held a service in the Church of St.

Jacob, made the Church choir.

3. The newly appointed Ambassador of Spain in Berlin Gines Vidal Izaura (?) laid a wreath at the Pantheon of the tomb of the Unknown soldier.


Leningrad chronicles 1969 № 13

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:00.445 to collection G 9/22/2016

1. BKZ "October", solemn meeting dedicated to the 99th anniversary of Lenin's birth.

Address 1 St Secretary of the regional Committee Tolstikova., 2. Traditional run around Lenin's places., 3. The celebration of the birth of Lenin in Vyborg., 4. The sovkhoz "Detskoselsky" started plowing., 5. The launching of the ship "Vostok", there is a Minister of the shipbuilding industry B. E. Butoma., 6. Quiz of the twin cities of Leningrad and Dresden are for students., 7. Football "Zenit" - FC "Kairat" 1:1.

Leningrad chronicles 1984 № 9

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:20.43 to collection G 9/22/2016

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of breaking the siege., 1. Embellished the city., 2. Veterans of the war., 3. Meetings., 4. Laying flowers at Piskarevsky cemetery., 5. The ceremonial meeting in Oktyabrsky concert hall., 6. Pass band on the Nevsky prospect., 7. Salute.