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Moscow sketches.. (1980)

Documentary, 2 parts, Duration: 0:10:05 to collection G 6/15/2014

The story of the pre-Olympic Moscow.

Moscow | Olympics 80

The writing is on the ice.. (1984)

Documentary, 2 parts, Duration: 0:16:40 to collection G 6/15/2014

The story of the children's theater on ice at the Sports Palace of the Lenin Komsomol Automobile Plant.

Childhood and youth | Theater | Figure skating

Secrets of a white triangle.. (1979)

Documentary, 2 parts, Duration: 0:17:07 to collection G 6/15/2014

The film tells of the coming of science in sailing.

Presented sailing XXII Olympic Games.

The film stars Olympic champions and medalists V.G.Mankin, V.G.Potapov, A.V.Balashov and coach of the Soviet national team Yu.V.Pilchin.

Different kinds of sports | Sporting events

Five barriers.. (1974)

Documentary, 1 part, Duration: 0:09:11 to collection G 6/15/2014

A film about the five sports that are part of the modern pentathlon: jumping, fencing, shooting, swimming, running.

Sport | Sporting events

Training and hardening.. (1991)

Documentary, 1 part, Duration: 0:09:49 to collection G 6/15/2014

Physical education teacher of the Moscow school number 661 V.P.Ryabintsev shares its experience in hardening of students year-round.

Sport | Childhood and youth

Sports lottery for everyone and for all. (1988)

Promotional, 1 part, Duration: 0:02:32 to collection G 6/2/2014

Promotion of sports lottery, the plot is partially removed in the form of a game.

Sporting events

Alone With the Altitude (Soviet Sport #3).. (1987)

Documentary, 2 parts, Duration: 0:20:00 to collection A 4/17/2014

About the sport life of Igor Paklin, ex-record holder of the world, the champion of Europe in high jump.

Sports legends | Sport

Soviet Sport 1980 № 7 Towards the Olympics start. Welcome to the Olympics!

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:00 to collection A 3/25/2014

1. Exercise rowing athletes - the candidates in the Olympic team.

2. Transfer of the Olympic flame at the border of Romania and the USSR.

3. Olympic facilities in Moscow.

Review of pre-Olympic qualifying tournament.

Accreditation of journalists.

The opening of the Olympic Village.

Olympic torch relay.

Olympics 80 | Sport

Soviet Sport 1980 № 8

Newsreel, 2 parts, Duration: 0:20:13 to collection A 3/25/2014

Newsreel tells of the Games of the 22nd Olympic Games in Moscow.

Olympics 80 | Sport

Soviet Sport 1980 № 10 Olympic arena - Muscovites. When the Olympians home. Rally.

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:09:58 to collection A 3/25/2014

1. Muscovites on sports in the former Olympic sites.

2. Cinema-portraits Champions Olympics-80: swimmer Vladimir Salnikov and rider V. Ugryumova.

3. Rally "the Kremlin stars. "

Olympics 80 | Sport

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