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Pilots over Germany. (1938)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 10/26/2016

Documentary propaganda film.

Plane is sprayed with paint numbers.

On the tarmac the planes of various design.

The boys of the Hitler youth.

A map of Germany on it icons mark places where 5000 aircraft within 8 days cover Neboj Germany.

The tarmac, the plane.

Start a probe, the man looks into the device.


Canada in the war. (1940)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 10/26/2016

USA.Spring 1940.

The pilot sits in the cockpit.

The plane flies over the sea.

Footage of the 1st world war: soldiers with transports,infantry,guns,machine on the platform.

Soldiers go Hiking in the mountains


The globe.


Give me four year term. (1937)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 10/26/2016


The film consists of a series of excerpts from Hitler's speeches relating to the period of 1934-1937 years.

Excerpts of speeches and some phrases are illustrated showing the Fuhrer to appropriate scenes.

It sounds the bell, statue on the background of the cathedral.

Hindenburg, Hitler and other officials in the service in the cathedral.

Hindenburg and Hitler obmenivatsya hands



Harvest day in Buckeberge in 1933. (1933)

Documentary, 4 parts to collection G 10/26/2016


Map of the German region of Lower Saxony in the North-West of the country.

The landscapes of this region,hilly terrain,river,forest.

The dam on the river,on the Bank of the Church.

The view of the city of Buckeburg.

On the outskirts of the huge tents,which housed soldiers of the labor front,they take a shovel,go to build the trail.

The construction of a huge stadium for celebrating harvest day.


Bach, Mozart, Beethoven. (1942)

Documentary, 3 parts to collection G 10/26/2016


Johann Bach Sebastian.

Sounds "Toccata D-moll".

The organ in the Church,a detailed showing of the tool.

A Portrait Of Bach.

The interior of the Cathedral.

Sculptures of angels.


In the service of humanity. (1938)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 10/26/2016


Alert symbol: a storm in the woods,the wind bends the bushes ruffled a Scarecrow.

The doctor at the bedside of the old man,the nurse gives the patient to drink,a sick child,a young man in a fever.

Silhouette nurse


Workers rally in the factory yard,working person,the speaker's speech.

Labour processes: a backhoe scoops up gravel,sand.


Winged soldiers. (1939)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 10/26/2016



London,tower bridge,Trafalgar square,pigeons fly over the square,fountains.

Top view of Westminster Abbey,the artist draws on the street.

Paris,Champs Elysees,arc de Triomphe.

Cemetery of the fallen in the 1st world war,a huge number of crosses



Combat fleets of the Britain. (1941)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 10/26/2016



London,Big Ben.

An easy,the building Department of the Navy,consists of young people with suitcases.

Recruits receive uniforms,marching with bags on Board,climb the ladder.

The sailors at the station,officer says goodbye to his family.



Vilna returned to Lithuania. (1939)

Documentary, 4 parts to collection G 10/26/2016

Every year on October 9 with sorrow Lithuania celebrated the anniversary of the capture of Vilnius Poland.

Kaunas Street.

Sounds a funeral whistle of a steam locomotive, people are frozen in a moment of silence.

Station of Kaunas, Vilnius Lithuanian residents meet, which the Polish authorities have allowed to visit Lithuania.

Perron filled with people. "Over twenty years of independence, Kaunas has grown into a modern comfortable city."

Panorama of Kaunas, streets and buildings.

View of the Ministry of Justice, the post office, the university, Ciurlionis Museum, various mansions, a monument to the Unknown Soldier who died in the battles of 1919, Independence monument - an obelisk, built of stones.


Swastika over Austria. (1934)

Documentary, 5 parts to collection G 10/26/2016


The Map Of Germany,Austria.

About the struggle of the NSDAP in Austria.

The führer of the NSDAP of Austria Theo Habicht.

Panorama of Vienna from the air.

Arhitekturnye and sculptural monuments of the Austrian capital.

Cathedral,the arc de Triomphe.