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According to Lenin places.. (1984)

Documentary, 1 part to collection A 6/16/2014

In Leningrad region about 280 commemorative "Lenin places", because, as you know, " every stone knows Lenin".

Some of these places shown in the film.

Funeral of Joseph Stalin.. (1953)

Documentary, 1 part to collection A 6/16/2014


Check out the mourning city delegation to Moscow to attend the funeral of Joseph Stalin.

The train departs from Moscow Railway Station.

Funeral rallies March 9, 1953.

Artillery salute.

Hooters locomotives.

A minute of silence at the enterprises of the city, the ships of the Navy.

Celebrating the 36th anniversary of the October in Leningrad.. (1953)

Documentary, 1 part to collection A 6/16/2014

Pre Leningrad life: shopping, excursions to revolutionary sites.

Festive parade and demonstration at the Palace Square in Leningrad.

The verdict of the people.. (1946)

Documentary, 1 part, Duration: 0:12:21.539 to collection G 6/16/2014

The trial of the atrocities of the German invaders in the Leningrad Region.

Interrogation of the accused.


Execution of criminals.

Attraction.. (1990)

Documentary, 3 parts to collection A 6/16/2014

A film about the life and work of Leningrad artists: G. Mihailov, V. Sukhorukov, V. Lizunova, V. Sidyakina, P. Shvets.

The Fund of free Russian modern art, organized by artist Georgi Mikhailov, brings together contemporary artists of Leningrad - St.

Petersburg: V. Sukhorukov, V. Lisunova, V. Sidyakina, P. Shweta and others.

Mikhailov speaks with the review.

Breakthrough. (1962)

Documentary, 6 parts to collection A 6/16/2014

A film about the 900-day siege of Leningrad during World War II, mounted from documentary footage made by the military operators of Leningrad and Volkhov Fronts.

Flight of the world.. (1954)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection A 6/16/2014

Sailing for Peace Polish steamer "Batory" in the Baltic countries.

Arriving in Leningrad.

Excursion passengers in Leningrad, Peterhof, visit Metallurgical Plant named after Stalin, Pediatric Institute, the Pioneers' Palace, the House of Culture co-operatives.

2h. -Evening of Peace and Friendship in the House of Culture co-operatives.

Departure "Bathory".

Ryazan meeting.. (1959)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection A 6/16/2014

Landscapes Ryazan region.

Shepherds graze.

Farm "Case in October."

Shepherd IM Lisakov, telyatnitsa KK Petukhov at work.

Kirov collective farm.

Sanski village.

Cattle farm.


Soviet Siberia.. (1949)

Documentary, 5 parts to collection A 6/16/2014

Siberian city Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, stalin, Tomsk, Omsk.

Types of buildings, streets, landmarks, cultural, educational, theaters, museums and libraries.


Life and everyday people.

Industrial enterprises.

Memorial Museum of Lenin in the village of Shusha.

Production processes in industry, agriculture.


Shift.. (1952)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection A 6/16/2014

1h. - Lessons in Spetstekhnologia railway apprenticeship.

Manufacturing practice at the "Electric power".

Life of children in the hostel.

Amateur clubs in the House of Culture of manpower.

2h. - Holidays students in holiday homes.

Classes in schools.

Young workers with machines, construction University in Moscow, Kuibyshev hydroelectric station.