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Window to life. (1962)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/15/2014

Halls-Union Art Exhibition in the Arena, in

Moscow, open to the top of the XXII Congress of the CPSU. Works by artists Plastov, P. Korin T. Salahov Deineki A., G. Korzheva, Saryan, B. Ugarov, Ivanov, D. Shmarinov; Anikushina sculptors, S. Konenkov and others.

Exhibition tour leaders of the CPSU and the Soviet government.

Intercosmos orbit.. (1972)

Documentary, 5 parts to collection G 6/15/2014

A film about the scientific cooperation of scientists of the USSR and the socialist countries, France in the field of space physics, communications, meteorology under the "Intercosmos".

The events program participate Czechoslovakian scientist Valnichek (parts 1-2), German scientist Fisher (parts 1-4), the French scientist cambium (h 4).

The film was shooting assembly, testing, launching a satellite "Intercosmos" (part 1-3.5), geophysical rocket "Vertikal-2" (3.4 parts), French satellite "Mars", the shooting ionospheric sounding balloons Soviet and French (Part 4), and other surveys.

Responsibility. (1969)

Documentary, 1 part to collection G 6/15/2014

The film is dedicated to the problem of teenage alcoholism.

Motion machines "Ambulance" on the streets.

Inside, "ambulance" is a teenager unconscious.

Doctors "first aid" with a teenager.

One of the children's hospitals.

Teens - victims of alcohol intoxication receive medical care, answer questions doctors (synchronously).

Children at the table represent the feast: the liquid is poured into the cup, raise a toast, drink.

The queue at the beer stand.

Adolescents and adults men drink a beer stall on the street.

Drunken men and teens on a city street.

Chatting employee children's room with his mother teen drinking.

Boardroom of the district court.

Hearing the case of an offense committed by a teenager.

Head of Children's Film Studio A. Smirnov conducts classes teenagers.

Goalkeeper Lev Yashin with teenagers engaged in the sports section.

Teens playing hockey on the field.


Masters with students machine tools.

Classroom of a secondary school.

Workers in a child's room at the railway station the police talk to inmates children.

Occupational safety and health.. (1978)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/15/2014

1h. - Panorama of Odessa.

Potemkin Stairs.

Piers Ilyichevsky port.

Container terminal.

The driver of the container ship - stacker.

Teacher in class training center conducts classes.

Working on the line of the assembly line of the Minsk Tractor Plant.


Culture and Recreation Park.. (1979)

Documentary, 3 parts to collection G 6/15/2014

The film focuses on the work culture and recreation parks for example parks Moscow (Central Park of Culture and Rest named after Maxim Gorky, Izmailovo Park Sokolniki);  Leningrad (Central Park of Culture and Rest named after Kirov, Victory Park - Moscow and the Sea, Summer Garden, Peterhof, Pushkin, Pavlovsk);  Kiev (Central Park of Culture and Rest named after Frunze Hydropark behalf of 22th Party Congress); Kharkov (Central Park of Culture and Rest named after Shevchenko Park Mayakovsky).

First.. (1987)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/15/2014

The film is dedicated to contemporary problems of astronautics.

Letters to his mother.. (1977)

Documentary, 4 parts to collection G 6/15/2014

House-Museum Ulyanov.

Documentaries about the difficult years (1887-1898) in the life of the Ulyanov family arrests of children and their mothers letters MA Ulyanova.

Documentary photographs of family life, the old Moscow, St.


Letters to his mother.. (1992)

Documentary, 1 part to collection G 6/15/2014

The film is about a mother prisoner serving a sentence for a crime in one of the prison.

The film features his son's drawings and correspondence with his mother's son.

Feast of the North.. (1970)

Documentary, 1 part to collection G 6/15/2014

About the traditional celebration of the North.

Types of

Murmansk, street; arrival of Soviet and foreign athletes: skiers, skaters on a holiday; competition skiers, reindeer harnesses.

Vocation.. (1974)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/15/2014

Edited by Head of Central Research Institute of Health Education A. Chernyakhovskii in the office receives from reporter Yuri Belyaev material of the Hero of Socialist Labor, academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor FG Krotkov.

Scientific hygienist FG Krotkov giving a lecture at the Institute for Advanced Medical Studies, gives an interview to a reporter.

Photos, mandates, exhibits the Military Medical Museum, revealing activities FG Krotkov as commissioner health service during the Civil War, Professor of Military Medical Academy named after SM Kirov, head of the Institute of Aviation Medicine, Chief Hygienist of the Soviet Army.

Scientific papers FG Krotkov hygiene.

Newsreel: The Russian Civil War, flights stratosphere, air travel 1930; The Great Patriotic War: refugees, providing medical aid to the wounded.

Posters lectures of Professor FG Krotkov.