The Modern Mongolia.. (1995)

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Part 1 0:08:53

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Ramenskiy V.

Script writers: Tarnoruder L.

Operators: Gorbatskiy V., Kuzminskiy S.

Anouncers: Tatarskiy V.


Imaging review film. It is about the life of modern Mongolia.

World War II


Reel №1


2. MS. Red Square.

NDP: "We all come out of the war."

3. MS. Go to veterans.

NPL. Glockenspiel.

4. LS. Chronicle.

Parade on Red Square.

5. CU. Chronicle.

PNRM. Zhukov on horseback.

6. MS. Chronicle.

However, another plan.

7. CU. Chronicle.

Stalin and his associates on the mausoleum.

8. MS. Chronicle.


9. LS. Chronicle.

However, another plan.

10. LS. Chronicle.

However, another plan.

11. CU. Chronicle.

PNRM. Abandoned German flags.

NPL. Said one of the veterans of the Jewish, impact.

PNRM. Said another veteran.

PNRM. Said third veteran.

PNRM. to order, PNRM. Said fourth veteran.

12. CU. Says veteran (sinhr.).

PNRM. to order.


13. CU. PNRM. Veteran shows the order.

14. MS. PNRM. Go veterans laid flowers at the monument.

15. CU. Monument [Jews died in World War II].

16. MS. However, another plan.


17. CU. However, another plan.


Go to veterans, NPL Chronicle.

Street Radio.

18. CU. Chronicle.

People listen to the radio.

19. MS. Chronicle.

Soldier shakes hands with a man [volunteer].

20. CU. Chronicle.

Application for admission to the army.

21. LS. Chronicle.


22. CU. Photoportrait L.Ovsischera [in uniform].

23. CU. Says L.Ovsischer (sinhr.)

24. CU. Chronicle.

Go soldiers.

25. CU. Chronicle.

However, another plan.

26. MS. Chronicle.

Shooting guns.


27. CU. Chronicle.

However, another plan.

28. CU. Chronicle.

Exploding shells.

29. CU. Chronicle.

Soviet gun shoots.

30. CU. Chronicle.

Charging brings the shell to the gun.

31. CU. Chronicle.

Soviet gun shoots. ["Zis-3 '].

32. LS. Chronicle.

The Soviet offensive.

In the foreground, a soldier with a machine gun "Degtyarev."

33. MS. Chronicle.

Fleeing soldiers.

34. MS. Chronicle.


35. CU. Newspaper.

NPL. Photo E.Dyskina.

NPL. Chronicle - charging brings the shell to the gun.

36. CU. Chronicle.

Shooting guns.

37. CU. Chronicle.

Commander gives hand command "Fire".

38. MS. Chronicle.

Shooting guns.

NPL. Says E.Dyskin (sinhr.)

39. CU. Chronicle.

German self-propelled gun shoots.

40. CU. Chronicle.


41. CU. Says E.Dyskin (sinhr.)

42. MS. Chronicle.

Tank "Tiger" shoots.

PNRM. on the burning tank.

In the background a burning tank "T-34"

43. CU. Says E.Dyskin (sinhr.)

44. CU. Says E.Dyskin (sinhr.), hitting the Order PNRM.

45. CU. Newspaper.


46 LS. Chronicle.

PNRM. Fighters fly over the sea "Hurricane" [set on lend-lease].

47 LS. Chronicle.

Stern of the ship.

In the background - another ship.

48. LS. Chronicle.

A group of Soviet soldiers in camouflage among the rocks.

49. CU. The monument to the pilots.


Go to the military.

50. LS. PNRM. by plaque victims.

51 CU. However, another plan.


Nfp I.B.Katunina portrait.

52. CU. PHOTO. Group pilot in attack aircraft.


53. CU. PHOTO. Pilot sits on the wing of an airplane.

54. CU. PHOTO. Suspension torpedoes on IL-4 [DB-3F].

Reel №2

55. CU. PHOTO. Group of pilots.

Left - I.B.Katunin.

56. CU. PHOTO. Group Il-2 flies over the rocks.

57. CU. PHOTO. German ship [Removed from the attacking aircraft?]

58. CU. PHOTO. Stormtrooper. [Removed from another aircraft].

59. CU. Picture.

Bomber "DB-3" just before ramming the German ship.


60. CU. Photoportrait I.B.Katunina.

61. CU. PHOTO. His arrows A.Markin.

62. CU. Newspaper.

Title "Polar Gastello" and Katunina photo in the newspaper.

Nfp Order [Lenin, the Red Banner, World War II, the Red Star, the Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union].

63. CU. PHOTO. M.Maryanovsky.

64. CU. Chronicle.

Tankers jump into the tank.

65. MS. Chronicle.

Rank Tank "T-34".

66. CU. Chronicle.

PNRM. Drove a tank.

The hatch looks tanker.

67. MS. Says M.Maryanovsky (sinhr.)

68. MS. Chronicle.

PNRM. Are tanks.

Infantry located on the tanks.

69. CU. Chronicle.

However, another plan.


70. CU. Chronicle.

However, another plan.

71. MS. Says M.Maryanovsky (sinhr.)

72. MS. PNRM. Landscape.

73. MS. 3 Says M.Maryanovsky (sinhr.)

74. MS. PHOTO. M.Maryanovskogo.

75. CU. Says M.Maryanovsky (sinhr.)

76. CU. Chronicle.

Going at full speed tank [in the tower nezavarennaya hole of the projectile].

77. CU. Says M.Maryanovsky (sinhr.)

78. CU. PHOTO M.Maryanovskogo.

79. CU. PNRM. Blank greetings from the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet in connection with the award of the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

80. CU. Says I.Roytman (sinhr.)

81. CU. PHOTO. I.Roytman.

82. CU. Says I.Roytman (sinhr.)

83. CU. PHOTO I.Roytmana.

84. CU. Says I.Roytman (sinhr.)

85. CU. However, another plan.

86. MS. Landscape.

87. CU. Says I.Roytman (sinhr.)

88. MS. Picture.

89. MS. However, another plan.

90. CU. Says I.Roytman (sinhr.)

91. LS. Landscape.


92. CU. Says I.Roytman (sinhr.)

93. LS. Landscape.


Reel №3

94. CU. Says I.Roytman (sinhr.)

95. LS. Landscape.

96. MS. Says I.Roytman (sinhr.)

97. CU. However, another plan.

98. CU. PHOTO L.D.Blata.

99. MS. Monument.

100. CU. Is a man.

101. MS. Wall of Fame defenders of Leningrad.


102. MS. Says L.D.Blat (sinhr.)

103. CU. Identity for a medal.

NPL in the photo, the nfp chronicle - signalers pull wire line communications.

PNRM. NPL is soldier signalman, NPL in the photo, the nfp speaker L.Blata (sinhr.)

104. CU. PHOTO. Nfp Order.


105. CU. Says L.D.Blat (sinhr.)

106. MS. PHOTO grandfather L.Blata - Helmets [Shlomo] Blata.

107. CU. Says L.D.Blat (sinhr.)

108. LS. Chronicle.

Battle of Stalingrad, run by soldiers.

109. MS. However, another plan.

NPL in the photo of the military, NPL to another photo.

110. CU. Hands of General Petrenko.

111. MS. General says Petrenko (sinhr.) NPL. Go to veterans memorial in Israel ["wailing wall"?].


112. LS. Veterans at the monument.


NPL. Monument to the wall.

113. MS. Fire burning in bowls on the stage at the outdoor pavilion.

PNRM. Jews sitting in the pavilion

114. MS. A man lights a fire.

115. MS. People in the pavilion.

116. MS. Jewish flag at the fire scene.

PNRM. by torches.

117. LS. People in the audience.


Military Rabbi read a memorial prayer at the microphone.

118. MS. PNRM. the cars on the road.

119. MS. A man stands near the machine.

Travel to the face.

PNRM. to stop the machine.

Nfp obelisk.

120. LS. Plaque.


121. MS. PNRM. on the photo.

122. CU. PHOTO. Departure.

123. MS. PHOTO children.


124 CU. Another photo.

PNRM. with men.

125. CU. PHOTO, the children's faces.


Nfp A.Farkasha.

PNRM. at camp tattoo.



126. MS. PHOTO. Prisoners of concentration camps.

127. CU. Another photo.

NPL. Old Train Station.

128. CU. Flowers on the grave, PNRM. on the obelisk.

NPL. Go Jewish veterans.

129. LS. Go to veterans.

130. MS. Says veteran L.Ovsischer (sinhr.)

131. CU. However, another plan.

132. MS. PNRM. Veterans.

133. CU. Hitler's picture in the national extremist newspaper.


NPL to another newspaper.

Nfp third newspaper, urging Jews to answer.

134. MS. Rally.

People with banners.

135. MS. Rally at the monument to Alexander Pushkin.

In the foreground - two members of the paramilitary youth group with armbands with the symbol of the group.

136. CU. Black flag.


Another banner.

137. MS. However, another plan.

138. LS. People in the audience.

PNRM. on stage.

139. CU. Order in the chest of the veteran.

PNRM. Departure.

140. MS. People sitting on the stage.


141. LS. PNRM. People in the audience.

142. CU. Veterans in the audience.

Travel to the "Book of Memory". [On the participation of Jews in World War II].

143. CU. "The Book of Memory." NPL in the parade on Red Square.

144. MS. Veterans are systems in Red Square.


145. CU. Yeltsin and his associates on the mausoleum.

146. MS. Parade.



147. MS. Veterans go system.

148. LS. 00:57:37:12 Same another plan.