Syberia is on a Screen 1965 № 12

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Producer Novosibirsk newsreel studio

Director: Z. Fomina

Operators: V.Kukorenchuk, A.Lesovoj, I.Pisanko


1. 325 years of reunification of Ukraine and Russia. 2. Acceptance of the Romanian delegation in the Kremlin. 3. Drummer socialist labor SV Volkov. 4. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of his birthday PP Bazhov. 5. The publication of the last volume of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia. 6. Cherkassy Chemical Fiber Plant. 7. Exhibition of theater artists. 8. Football tournament for the prize of the "Week" in Moscow.

Reel №1

1. "The inviolability of the brotherhood."

Kiev, solemn assembly workers. 325 anniversary of the reunification of Ukraine with Russia.

Behind the podium first secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine VV Scherbitsky.

Behind the podium chairman of the RSFSR Council of Ministers, MS Solomentsev.

The Presidency, Hall applauds. 2. "Reception in the Kremlin."

Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers Alexei Kosygin takes the Romanian delegation.

Romanian Foreign Minister Stefan Andrei.

Soviet and Romanian politicians to the negotiating table. 3. "High Trust - the best."

Leningrad Zhdanov Shipyard.

Shipbuilders at the pier.

RV "Cosmonaut Georgy Dobrovolsky."

Ship on the slipway.

A team of fitters work.

Brigadier SV Volkov.

People's Deputy of the USSR Wolves in the hall of the Congress, in the shop.

4. Sverdlovsk House-Museum of writer P. Bazhov.

Interior, books, manuscripts.

Bolshoi Theatre (Bolshoi).

A solemn meeting on the 100th anniversary of his birth Bazhov.

Portrait Bazhov.

Behind the podium chairman of the Council of the RSFSR Writers S.V.Mihalkov.

Behind the podium secretary of the Council of the RSFSR Writers SS Narovchatov.

5. Printing, conveyor.

The last volume of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia.

Moscow House of Scientists.

Behind the podium chairman Goskomisdat USSR BI Stukalin.

Behind the podium chief editor TSB Academician AM Prokhorov.

TSB bookstore buyers. 6. Cherkassy Chemical Fiber Plant.

Spinners for the machines.

Viscose textile filament.

Pile carpets. 7. Moscow, Central Exhibition Hall.

Theatrical pavilions models of scenery.

Layout artist Rodnjanskogo for the play "The Engineer".

Layout artist Belova to play "Old House".

Design for the film "The bread smells of gunpowder."

Sketches, Cartoon dolls. 8. Moscow Palace of sports games.

International tournament for the prize of the "Week".

Teams of "Spartacus" and CSKA Moscow in the field.


AM Prokhorov



Domestic policy; Industry; Culture and Arts; Football
Policy; Sectors of the economy; Sport