At the north.. (1954)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Operators: Istomin A., Yatsun E., Soloveva A., Solovev A., Lozovskiy E., Makaseev B.

Temporary description

Development of the Northern Sea Route. 1h. - (194 m). Pilots MV Vodopyanov, M. Kotov, I. Cherevichny discuss the route during the next expedition to the central Arctic Basin. Maslennikov pilot squad in the expedition. Departure of a group of artists from Moscow to address the members of the expedition. 2h. - (237 m). Mobile research unit flies to land on a drifting ice floe. Among the members of the expedition: Cherevichny, EK Fedorov. Preparing breakfast, research. 3h. - (112 m). Day rally in the unit; VF Burkhanov DI Shcherbakov, II Cherevichny and others after the rally. Repair aircraft. Departure of the expedition to the mainland. 4h. - (255 m). The views of the city, the Anderle, Dixon Dudinka Igarka. Academician Shcherbakov in scientific instruments. 5h. - (289 m). Cape Chelyuskin (the plane). Port Tiksi. The scientific expedition of the work. Cape Schmidt, Chukotka (the plane). Geurhanov, Vodopianov, Tolstikov, Mazuruk the meeting. Read the cameramen CSDF Soloviev and E. Yatsun. 6h. - (280 m). The island of Novaya Zemlya, the Franz Josef Land (the plane). Shcherbakov during the expedition. 7h. - (220 m). Preliminary examination of the ice. The plane on the ice. Head SP-3 Treshnikov the plane, meeting in a tent. Assembly of tents, cabins. 8h. - (251 m). SP-3 on the ice. Making bricks out of the snow to build the "snow palace." Life in the camp SP-3 explorers planted seeds of vegetables in greenhouses, cut onions, lettuce. Camp SP-3 at different times of the year. 9h. - (276m). Explorers of the work, including: AF Treshnikov, Kurkov, Volovis, Popkov, Malkov, Bulavkin etc. E. Yatsun a shooting machine. 10h. - (271 m). Tent, where they live Volovich (doctor), Yatsun (cameraman). Sharikov cook at the stove. Polar for dinner, go to bed, bath. 11 hours - (230 m). Polar parse mail, listen to the record player, playing chess, dominoes, read books, watch movies in the club pictures. 12h. - (164 m). Camp SP-3 during the polar night, polar sleeping on alarm get up the crack in the ice, polar transfer devices, transport houses in a safe place. Work: Tereshnikov, Volovich, Matveichuk etc. Operator E. Yatsun shoots. 13h. - (258 m). Camp SP-3, bypassing the duty, the crack in the ice, the camp during blizzards and heavy fog, snow melting. 14h. - (181 m). Polar parse mail, at the airport sits SP-3 aircraft, pilots Perov, Cherevichny Mikhailov, Somov, Shcherbakov in the camp, flying away on the mainland. 15h. - (126m). Retreat before leaving wintering SP-3 to the mainland. AF stands Treshnikov. Dismantling houses, loading equipment. 16h. - (235 m). SP-4. Device camp. Ice reconnaissance. Unloading equipment, houses. 17h. - (270 m). SP-4. Raising the flag. Terminal device on the ice. Loading on emergency food supplies sleds. 18h. - (230 m). Head SP-4 Tolstikov, magnetologist Delarov, radio operators Tselishchev, head at work. 19h. - (190 m). Hydrologists work: Izvekov Demyanov; aerologists: Voborykin, Shchekin, Simic. 20h. - (241 m). Tikhonov cook in the kitchen. Polar at dinner. In the drawing-room playing dominoes and chess. The game of volleyball. 21h. - (238m). SP-4, Life explorers: duty carry water for the kitchen, the physician conducts a medical examination Paleev, polar fed dogs. 22h. - (201 m). Wardens inspect the camp. Cracks in the ice field, the hunting of polar bears. Blizzard on SP-4. 23h. - (90 m). SP-4 during the polar night, polar at work, make out the mail. 24h. - (370 m). Explorers look at the sun, photographed the sunrise; camp during the summer. 25ch. - (220m). Arrival pilot Zadkova, management, unloading aircraft, mail delivery, with the departure of SP-4 management, subscription to a loan, the celebration of the birth of Vladimir Kaznova signalman. 26ch. - (319m). Celebrating May 1 to SP-4, new in 1955, elections to the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. 27ch. - (143 m). Departure to the mainland. Arrived change inspects the camp. 28ch. - (198 m). SP-6 at the Moscow airport. Aircraft returning from the North Pole. Reports to Burkhans ZA Shashkov. Playing DI Shcherbakov, Bardin, Shashkov (sinhr.). 29ch. - (242m). Landscapes of the Arctic Ocean. SP-3: winterers for research. 30h. - (284 m). Camp SP-4 in summer, sunrise, Winterers working. 31ch. - (127 m). Rise. Winterers wash, make out the parcel. 32ch. - (99 m). SP-4: the arrival of Moscow artists. At the concert Dudova B., R. Green and others