Awakened steppe.. (1954)

Film-document №15013 10 parts, Duration: 0:50:58 to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Operators: Nebylickiy B., Komarov V.

Temporary description

The development of virgin and fallow lands. 1h. - A meeting of builders state farm "Ordzhonikidze", are: Kuhtin FP, P. Proskurin, searching for water in the wilderness, Professor G. F. Pollack, a laboratory assistant Ageyeva check water quality (neg. 274, pos. 216.). 2h. - In the steppes are tractors with fuel and agricultural machinery to the field camp. Life and Living in the Komsomol wagons (neg. 196, pos. 172). 3h. - Kustanayskaya steppe (from aircraft). Employees of State Farm "Ordzhonikidze" preparing to plowing new ground, set fire to the grass cover of the steppe. The tractor is the first furrow in the virgin soil (neg. 162, pos. 137.). 4h. - Tractor MP Guido plowed new ground, the tractor is brought to the dinner, a production team meeting in the field. The first sowing (neg. 143. Pos. 109.). 5h. - Making adobe bricks for the construction of workshops at the farm "Ordzhonikidze. Members of the brigade to plant potatoes, picking tomatoes and cucumbers. Repair shop in a field camp (neg. 198, pos. 168.). 6h. - Employees of State Farm "Ordzhonikidze" receive a salary, make purchases in a shop car, receive mail, a barbershop, a library, during the rest listen to the gramophone, play volleyball, checkers, chess, at the concert art. Balls (neg. 156, pos. 136.). 7h. -Construction of the estate, working team Sergeenko, FP Kuhtin inspects construction (neg. 219, pos. 173.). 8h. - Farm, "Ordzhonikidze": street town, the builders finish the trim shop. Director of the farm gives newcomers keys to a new apartment (neg. 126, pos. 107.). 9h. - Harvesting. Combine in a field. Trucks being taken at the grain elevator (neg. 109, pos. 120.). 10h. - Construction of Farm Estates "Urneksky CNN, New York", "Bataminsky. Harrowing and sowing in the fields (neg. 118, pos. 115.).