Voroshilov in the MPR.. (1957)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Operators: Kotlyarenko L., Komarov V.

Temporary description

Mongolia. City of Ulan Bator. May 26, 1957. Solemn meeting Voroshilov at the airport. Present: Y. Tsedenbal, J. Dam, J. Sambu. Directions cars on city streets. Meeting members of the Soviet delegation with members of the Mongolian Government. Present: Voroshilov, Rashidov, VP Elyutin, NT Fedorenko, VI Piskarev, J. Sambu, Y. Tsedenbal, D. Damba, B. Shirendyb. Voroshilov, accompanied by members of the Soviet delegation, visited the tomb of Sukhbaatar and Choibalsan, present and speaks at a rally in the industrial plant behalf Choibalsan. Voroshilov attends Central State Museum, lays a wreath at the monument to fallen Soviet soldiers on the mountain Bogd Ula, meets with the old partisans, associates, Sukhbaatar and Choibalsan. Voroshilov, accompanied by J. Sambu, Y. Tsedenbal and others in theater, opera performance "Among the saddest of the mountains. A scene from the play. Visit arat association ZAMT "in the Central aimag. Landscapes plains. Herds on pastures. Movement of riders and wagons with Arati. Voroshilov welcome the Mongolian pioneers, Arat Voroshilov give two camels. Voroshilov, Sambu, Damba, Tsedenbal, Rashidov, Enyutin on sports festival. Competitions in archery. National struggle. Voroshilov, J. Sambu and others attend University of Ulan Bator, the Palace of Pioneers. Meetings of the Soviet-Mongolian friendship on Sukhbaatar Square. Rewarding Voroshilov Order of Sukhbaatar. May 30. Parting ceremony of the Voroshilov and the Soviet delegation at the airport.