Syberia is on a Screen 1974 № 42

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Director: R. Zhelonkina

Operators: B. Kustov, B. Volkov, V. Mamontov, V. Ashihmin, Gvozdarev, A. Homyakov, P. Shulyak

Reel №1

City of Novosibirsk.

Blacksmith plant named Ephraim, a veteran of the plant N. Ya Mikhailov hammer works.

Story Mikhailova N. Ya.

Academics, Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences Lavrentyev and GI Marchuk with employees Novosibirsk Plant Chkalov test was carried out on the installation of large parts stamping explosion.

26-27 September 1974 members of the Soviet-French Colloquium at the meeting of the House of Scientists.

Among the speakers Academician GI Marchuk.

The Colloquium in the factory shop named Ephraim; Chikskom to talk with the director of the farm, visiting the horses, talk with children in kindergarten.

Tomsk region.

Integrated Brigade lumberjacks sawing lumber camp Kaltayskogo forest tractor driven forest.

Kemerovo region.

Industrial station.

Women working in the shop painted wooden utensils.

Girls paint a pattern khokhlomskiye wooden crafts.

View of painted products.

Barnaul Pedagogical College Students in the audience in the classroom.

Girls musical activities in the classroom in the studio arts and crafts.

By participants amateur.

Key words

Metallurgy. Labor. Physics. Engineering. International relations. Forestry. Arts and crafts. Secondary vocational education. Pre-school education. Amateur Art.