Lights Over the Volga River. (1959)

Documentary №19348, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:07, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Merkulov A.
Screenwriters:Merkulov A.



Kinoocherk on the construction and commissioning of the Stalingrad hydroelectric station.

Reel №1

General view of the construction of hydroelectric Stalingrad (with collisions).

PNRM. under construction on the dam - a common, average plans.

Installing the latest twenty-second unit - large, medium plans.

Excavator pours into cars land - the general plan.

Machine take out the land - the general plan.

In the excavation work on the installation work (few) - the average plan.

Several cranes at the dam - the general plan.

Panorama on the sides of the dam - close-up.

The lintel runs bulldozer - the overall plan.

Panorama on the walls gateway.

General view of the excavation and dam.

Construction site with water - the overall plan.

Sluice gates, near which a tractor - the average plan.

General view on the streets of the Volga (above) - a few plans.

The overall plan of the Palace of Culture.

Street fountain, away palace, front flower beds - an outline.

General view of the stadium, the stands.

Winter swimming pool (inside) - the average plan.

The site of the dam, workers in the frame - the overall plan.

Brigadier IP Mandra talking with two women workers - the average plan.

IP Mandra against the building - the average plan.

Women construction workers removed debris from the pit.

Men clean pit of scrap metal and machinery.

Komsomol members and young people of the Volga and Stalingrad work on Sunday work on cleaning the pit - the general plan.

Big face of a young pretty girl (laughs).

Refined bottom of the pit - the general plan.

October 23, 1958

The leaders of construction projects with the banner of preparedness - the average plan.

Builders rally dedicated to start-up in a pit of water - the general plan and the shot above.

Reel №2

Cableway in a place where it will be blocked by the Volga.

The Volga steamer goes - the average plan.

October 25, 1958

Aiming the floating bridge.

Steamers keep floating bridge.

The builders of the bridge.

Cableway over the bridge - different plans.

October 31, 1958

Trucks go over the bridge to the pyramids to overlap.

The driver of the car - the average plan.

Dump the water drops into the pyramid - the average plan.

Several dump trucks of the pyramid - the general plan.

Pipe laying for the influx of the dam.

The influx of sand dams, works gidropulpa - total, average plans.

General view of the dam hydro, through which the water.

Build bigger units in the engine room - different plans.


Start the third unit (unit under load puts chief erector Leningrad Metal Plant Halperin).

Remote control equipment - close-up.

High voltage line - medium shot, evening.

At the controls of the head Malyugin electricity.

Rostrum with the leaders of construction - the overall plan.

The explosion at the bridge.

Water comes and fills the pit.

Dam with the water in the pit - the general plan.

The Volga is a small steamer - the general plan.

Head overlap area of ​​the Volga and the senior superintendent Artamonov Agababov talk - the average plan.

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