Foreign news footages № 18 (1982)

News №19371, 1 part
Production: Misc
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized


French missile tests "Exocet". 19. England - The arrival of Pope a six-day visit.

Reel №1

1. Egypt - a new military technology, created with the help of Western nations. 2. England, London - Press Conference on Iran's oil minister M. Ghar zi and deputy chairman of the General Assembly of Iran in the Iranian embassy. 3. Lebanon - Syrian pilots in the treatment after injuries sustained in fights with the Israeli invaders. 4. Syria - Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia arrives in Damascus for talks with President Assad. 5. - Checking the quality of food. 7. - Athletics competitions. 8. Iran - Iranian soldiers, captured during the fighting in Khorramshahr. 9. Lebanon - bombing the French Embassy in Beirut. 10. England - the return of soldiers from the destroyer "Sheffield", the survivors of the sinking of the Argentine ship missile. 11. Netherlands - Aston Villa is the winner of European Cup football. 12. Switzerland, Geneva - General Director of the International organi sation of work speaks about the measures taken against the growing number of migrant workers. 13. Iran - Revolutionary Guard is holding the meeting.

Ayatollah Khomeini calls on Arab states to follow Islam. 14. Argentina, United States - Foreign Minister of Argentina urges U.S. to call for an immediate ceasefire in the Falkland Islands. 15. Poland, Warsaw - occurred a rise in prices greatly reduced the demand for cars and other products available on the private market. 16. Italy, Rome - a strike of workers protesting against unem ployment in the country. 17. Bolivia - leftist guerrilla leaders returning from exile. 18. Argentina, England - British burning destroyer "Chief Field said." Tests of the French Exocet missiles. 19. England - the arrival of a six-day papal visit.

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