Foreign news footages 1983 № 84

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Kampidog Leo. 7. China: The new agricultural policy, each family allocated a piece of land: the women working in the fields, the owner of the farm gives disposal tion, market. 8. Switzerland: United Nations Conference on Palestine. Acts PLO leader Yasser Arafat. 9. Lebanon: The situation in Beirut after days of fighting between the various factions. Lebanese group immigrated to Cyprus.

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1. U.S.: The story of the political career of President Reagan, in connection with the forthcoming elections. 2. United Kingdom: The auction of items belonging to the team leader, "The Beatles' John Lennon. 3. Israel: The Story of the Minister of Foreign Affairs I. Shamir, who will head the party Herut after ostavki Premier Begin. 4. United States: Implications of an explosion in the gas tank. 5. Israel: Meeting party Herut, in connection with the resignation of pre Prime Minister of Begin and his appointment as head of the Party Foreign Minister Shamir. 6. Italy: Exposition anthropological finds in the museum of Kampidog LIO. 7. China: A new agricultural policy, each family a piece of land: women working in the field, the owner of the farm gives the controlling tion market. 8. Switzerland: UN Conference on Palestine.

A leader of the PLO Yasser Arafat. 9. Lebanon:The situation in Beirut after many days of fighting between different factions.

With Lebanese immigrated to Cyprus.