I - Marilyn Monroe. (1991)

Documentary №20235, 1 part, duration: 0:09:42
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Golubeva I.
Screenwriters:Golubeva I.
Camera operators:Savchenko I.


About Leningrad artists Vladik Mamysheve.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Says Double A. Kashpirovsky (synchronous) - kr.

Multrabota: Photo Mamysheva B. and M. Monroe as a child - kr.

Newsreel 50-ies.:

M. Monroe on the ramp - cf.

Photographing military - cf.

Directions Monroe - commonly.

Monroe out of the car - commonly.

Attending Monroe - cf.

Multrabota: Photo Vladik Mamysheva in the army - cf.

Newsreel 50-ies.:

Photographing military - cf.

Sung by M. Monroe - commonly.

Sung by M. Monroe (synchronously in English) - kr.

Cheering - kr.

Monroe - kr.

Monroe look-alikes and Lenin - Wed, Poland on Vlad Mamysheva - cf.

Mamyshev close to double Kashpirovsky - cf.

Vladik Mamyshev and double Raisa Gorbachev - cf.

Says Mamyshev in the image M. Monroe (synchronous) - gen.

Mamyshev stands on the waterfront - cf.

Trolley rides - commonly.

Says Mamyshev (synchronous) - cf.

Portrait of Gorbachev - kr.

Portraits - kr.

Hitler - kr.

Hitler and Monroe - commonly.

Poultry - kr.

Monroe - kr.

Multrabota: Portrait of Gorbachev's Magazine Cover

NPL PRP Photos from Mamysheva

NPL Magazine Cover

NPL Photo Vladik

Newsreel 50-ies.:

Fragment from the film featuring Monroe - cf.

Opening of the monument Monroe - commonly.

Mamyshev about his picture with Monroe - commonly.

Newsreel 50-ies.:

Monroe takes the prize (synchronous) - cf.

Painting with lying Monroe - cf.

Says Mamyshev (synchronous) - cf.

Dog runs - total.

Poland on the street: it's snowing - cf.

NDP on the trees - commonly.

Overturned train - total.

Says Mamyshev (synchronous) - cf.

Mamyshev costs about sculpture - kr., Poland

Mamyshev about his painting - cf.

Detail of other paintings Mamysheva - kr.

Mamyshev in the image of Monroe down the stairs - commonly.

Photo of naked women - commonly.

Mamyshev leaves on the glass trail of kiss - Wed, departure hall at the Museum

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