Gus doctor - comrade. (1991)

Documentary №20257, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:23
Director:Zhukovskaya I.
Screenwriters:Zhukovskaya I.
Camera operators:Zhukovskiy A.



The work of the medical cooperative Filatovets with subsistence crops

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Traffic light.

The street passing ambulance seen a tall building.

Passers-by walking on the street.

Running feet.

Man sells toy.

Woman-seller is the banks.

It takes a man with a stick.

Men drinking beer on the street.

Drunk standing at the wall.

The village street are geese.

Former doctor Filatov hospital, doctor, IA Eluashvili part of the enclosure for geese, talks about the organization of health cooperative.

Adults with children are building clinics (summer).

Patients waiting for admission, are included in the study.

Doctors in the office, the doctor examines a boy.

Parents feed the baby from a bottle.

A doctor examines a child using a machine (ultrasound?).


Operation; hands take medical instruments; Face doctors, baby.

Infants on the table.

Child applied plaster.

Baby crying.

Sits a woman with a child.

A doctor with a girl down the stairs.

Female doctor enters the room (hospital).

Face doctor.

Boy sitting on the bed in the ward.

Passers-by on the street; is a woman with a child.

Old man's face.

Sit women.

Sitting man with bottles.

A man with a stick.

Nurses are the node with the laundry.

Children on the street.

The old lady about the urn begging.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A doctor examines a patient in the treatment room.

Operation; face doctor, nurse.

Hand on the unit, and the other hand holding an oxygen mask.


Women and children out of the building clinics.

Lights light.

The ambulance enters the tunnel.

IA Eluashvili in the car.


Geese running, screaming.

Woman makes feed the geese.

IA Eluashvili runs throughout the house (goose farm "Filatovets") takes a goose in his hands.

Hand stroking the goose.

A woman browses live goose.

Goslings running, drinking water.

People (mostly elderly) is negative talk about cooperators.

Baby face.

Child applied plaster.

IA Eluashvili and employee management are on the paddock for ducks.

Running ducks, geese.

Passes through the village street "Muscovite".

AI Eluashvili goes to the door, out of the door, comes to the car.

Hand holding a card with the words "Filatovets" opens the car door.

IA Eluashvili sits in the car; makes the cell with goslings.

Geese in the cell.

IA Eluashvili out of the door, sits in the car; passing car.

IA Eluashvili and other men are on the paddock.


Running feet.

The man in the street playing the accordion.

Homeless people sleep on the streets.

The inscription "Danger Zone", are people.

Leg and crutches.

The old woman begging.

Leaves man with an accordion.

Ambulance rides around the pedestal, where stood a monument to FE Dzerzhinsky.

IA Eluashvili holding a goose in his arms, said.

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