Secrets forgotten victories. Secret record (2002)

Film №20304, 1 film, duration: 0:26:49
Production: Narodnoe kino
Director:Golovnya B.
Screenwriters:Golovnya B., Nikolaev L.
Camera operators:Kuptsov N.
Anouncers:Lanovyy B.


In 30 of the last century, the helicopter pilot and designer Alexander Cheremukhin set a world altitude record of which mankind has never heard of it.

Reel №1

Says Tupolev.

Parade on Red Square.

Stalin on the tribune of the Mausoleum.

Flight helicopter.

Photo of aircraft AY Cheremukhin, LD Trotsky.

Aeronautical Exhibition in Paris, the beginning of 20 century.

Photos of the aircraft.

Photography I. Sikorsky and his flying machine, the Red Army commanders.

Work at TsAGI. Photo AY Cheremukhin.

School of Aviation of the Imperial Moscow Society of Aeronautics, where he studied AY Cheremukhin.

Photography parents AY Cheremukhin.

Military photos.

Images chronicle of aircraft in the early 20 th century.

Photography B. Pestov, commander of the detachment.

Photography helicopter AY Cheremukhin.

Work on the single-rotor helicopters.

Photo creators helicopter, test in an unfinished building a pilot plant.

Chairman of Board of TsAGI Chaplygin.

Photography I. Sikorsky and its aircraft.

Address Tukhachevsky.

The American Chronicle on hydroaviation.

Machinery I. Sikorsky, which are created in the U.S..

Photo I. Sikorsky, A. J. Cheremukhin, a record in Italian helicopter "Ascanio" - 18 meters.

In testing, the first single screw helicopter created AY Cheremukhin, the accident occurred.

Broken helicopter.

After the accident, the test was to conduct AY Cheremukhin.

Aerodrom visited members of the board of TsAGI. Photo of members of the board TsAGI, Deputy People's Commissar for Military Affairs S. Kamenev, Chief Aviation Administration Baranova.

AY Cheremukhin set a record, raising the single-rotor helicopter to a height of 605 meters.

Photo AY Cheremukhin, helicopter group.

Work at TsAGI. Stalin on the tribune of the Mausoleum.

Photos: Trotsky, Kamenev, Baranov, Tukhachevsky.

Photographs of buildings CDB 29 NKVD, where he was in 1938, assembled the cream of aviation thoughts headed by Alexei Tupolev.

Photograph of the building corporation I. Sikorsky, I. Sikorsky.

Speech I. Sikorsky. 1939, the first attempt I. Sikorsky fly by helicopter failed.

The helicopter tipped over and broke. I. Sikorsky invented the simulator to test the effectiveness of tail rotor.

May 13, 1940 first ascent without a leash.

Flashy performances helicopter I. Sikorsky in Bridgeport.

Chronicle of helicopters I. Sikorsky.

By Sergei Sikorsky, vice-president «Sykorsky Aircraft».

Family Chronicle AY Cheremukhin.

The funeral of the 1972 I. Sikorsky.

Flying a helicopter K-50 "Black Shark".

Movie №1

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