Soviet commanders (1918-1939)

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Soviet armed forces

Reel №1

Troops on the ice the Gulf during the storming of Kronstadt.

Enter the fortress.

Types of captured ships.

City of Moscow.

The troops stormed the city of Kronstadt, go to the parade on Red Square.

Says Tukhachevsky.

Belarusian Military District.

Manoeuvres (1936).

Drove by horse-drawn artillery, are tanks, infantry running.

Pass marshals Yegorov.


City of Moscow.


Meeting of the wives of Red Army.

At the podium: Krupskaya, Blvukher, JB Gamarnik.

Participants of the meeting to welcome them.

The military part of the Special Far Eastern Army.

The four tank crews - Mikheev brothers and their father is suitable Blvukher.

Hands with them, talking.

Brothers Mikheeva sit in the tank.

Tank drives off.

City of Moscow.

Session session of the CEC of the USSR. Among the participants: Tukhachevsky, Krupskaya, Mikhail Ulyanov, VM Orlov, Nikita Khrushchev, Academician Alexander Karpinsky.

The presidium of MF Vladimirsky, MI Kalinin.

From the platform supports Tukhachevsky (synchronously).

Scene №1

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Tuhachevskij M.N. -- commander, Marshal Ordzhonikidze S. -- state and party leader Blyuher V.K. -- military leader, statesman and party leader Krupskaya N.K. Gamarnik Ya.B. -- warlord Egorov A.I. -- military leader, Marshal Budennij S.M. Uljyanova M.I. -- younger sister of Vladimir Lenin, the party and state leaders Karpinskij A. -- academician

Calendar: 1918-1939

Locations: Kronstadt Moscow [820] Byelorussia

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