Solovki (1927-1934)

Footage №20378, 1 part, duration: 0:03:49, black-white


Corrective labor camps: Solovki, the White Sea-Baltic Canal. The trial of "enemies".

Reel №1 Solovki

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The trial of pests (Images from the film "Solovki") - is a group of convicts under guard, enter through the gate transit point.

The convicts are on the territory of the Solovetsky camp.

Receiving Party prisoners roll.

Inmates are building the dispensary.

Are the columns of the convicted men and women.

Report on duty.

Construction of the White Sea-Baltic Canal.

Employment in the logging.

Men sawing trees.

Sawed trees are falling.

The headquarters building of the channel.

Pass by people with shovels, is a large group of people.

Construction of the pit, people were going wheelbarrow with soil, dig.

Playing a brass band.

Men slaughtered "crutches".

Construction of the gateway.

Playing Orchestra.

Sluice gates are closed.

Ready gateway.

Stalin among the people during the opening of the White Sea-Baltic Canal.


Stalin, Voroshilov, Yezhov on the boat sailing through the channel (with sound).

Men are digging pits, cars and cars were going to land.

PDP "Where poorly organized labor ... do not implement a work plan.

Jammed car, piles hammered by hand, working in the water, poor narrow-gauge railway.


Key words

Class struggle

Calendar: 1927-1928

Locations: USSR [863]

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