On the mysteries of the medical profession (2010)

Documentary №20444, 1 part, duration: 0:26:00
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Lalabekova N.
Screenwriters:Lalabekova N.
Camera operators:Shipkov S.


The film tells about the problems of cancer and those involved in healing this painful illness. And in particular the outstanding surgeons for President RAMS M.I.Davydove.

Temporary description:

Surgery. Interview M.I.Davydova oncologists, D.G.Zaridze, B.I.Dolgushina, diagnostician. Examination and treatment of patients with various forms of cancer.

Reel №1


Surgical instruments, a doctor in a mask.

Close-ups of the hands of the surgeon during the operation.

Says oncologist, academician M.I.Davydov (synchronously).

On winter street are people.

Metro doors, leave people.

Says oncologist N.G.Blohina (synchronously).

The street is a man on crutches (shot from behind).

Says oncologist D.G.Zaridze (synchronously).

Smoke smokestacks.

Newsreel of the 1950's:

Examination of the patient in the oncology clinic.

Says oncologist B.I.Dolgushin (synchronously).

Modern methods of examination of cancer patients: ultrasound, x-ray tomography.

Images of the monitor screen.

B.I.Dolgushin says (synchronously).

Newsreel of the 1950's.

Academic council.

Doctors are studying x-ray, looking through the microscope.

The sign of the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Oncology, Institute building.

Professor Blokhin of operation.

N.G.Blohina says (synchronously).

Newsreels 1950-1960-s.:

It takes a team of doctors.

Doctors in the laboratory of the Institute of Oncology.

Cancer Research Center, a building named after Blokhin.

M.I.Davydov says (synchronously).

Visitors at the window registry.

Log in clinic - inputs, outputs patients.

M.I.Davydov says (synchronously).

Cancer Center building.

The patient in the ward.

D.G.Zaridze says (synchronously).

View on the smoking pipe.

N.G.Blohina says (synchronously).

Gene model - computer graphics.

Said Sc.D. B.P.Kopnin (synchronously).

The doctor looks through a microscope.

Cells under a microscope.

D.G.Zaridze says (synchronously).

Fast shooting - the sky, the city, the people in the store, the movement of machinery.

A three-dimensional model of human lung (computer graphics).

The doctor looks through a microscope.

D.G.Zaridze says (synchronously).

Smoke on the street girls.

B.I.Dolgushin says (synchronously).

Three-dimensional model of the female body and the uterus - computer graphics.

The doctor looks through a microscope.

People in the lobby of the Center.

The director of the Central House of Actor M.Eskina (synchronously).

Medical office, equipment.

A doctor inspects the patient.

M.Eskina says (synchronously).

The corridor hospital are doctors (shot from behind).

M.Eskina says (synchronously).

Doctors at the monitor.

Cancer Center building on Kashira Highway (winter schedule).

A doctor holds a patient irradiation.

Doctors perform surgery.

Surgical instruments, the surgeon's hands in an open cavity.

M.Eskina says (synchronously).

Pond, ducks, stream, rocks in the water, takes off a dove, the glare on the water.

On the stone bridge are people (filmed from behind).

Girl in the Park (shot through the branches of trees).

Express survey - carried by car, are pedestrians.

A three-dimensional image of a female breast - computer graphics.

People in the hall clinic.

Said radiation diagnostician G.P.Korzhenkova (synchronously).

A woman in the office diagnostic breast exam.

Says radiologist Mills OP (Synchronous).

Irradiation of the patient.


The patient in the operating room.

The doctor examines the patient's chest.

Persons doctors during surgery.

G.P.Korzhenkova says (synchronously).

G.P.Korzhenkova conducting examination of the patient.

Flowerbed on Poklonnaya Hill.

Three-dimensional image of the body.

Says oncologist I.S.Stilidi (synchronously).


The bus leaves a group of doctors, the doctors come to the house.

A group of doctors in the bus.

Female doctor talking to a patient.

Elder at the doctor's.

The doctor is on the corridor, part of the operating room.


I.S.Stilidi says (synchronously).


Academician N.Blohin prepares for surgery.

N.Blohin with a group of doctors in the operating room.

Operating, droppers.

M.I.Davydov of operation.

Fast shooting - the sky, clouds, houses, people in the store.

Three-dimensional model of the human body.

A man on a survey of the prostate.

Said urology professor V.B.Matveev (synchronously).

The patient has a blood test.

Tubes of blood.

Examination of the patient.

Survey results on the screen.

M.I.Davydov says (synchronously).

Doctors tell patients about diagnosis (synchronous).

Session of radiotherapy.

Fast shooting - People in the store.

A three-dimensional model of the human body.

V.B.Matveev says (synchronously).

A three-dimensional model of the human body.

P.Vadimov writer says (synchronously).

Medical personnel in the laboratory.

Nurse sets a drip.

The patients in the ward.

A doctor examines a patient.

P.Vadimov says (synchronously).

P.Vadimov M.Borisova and walk in the park, pass on the street.

Fast shooting - the evening city.

A three-dimensional image of the body of the child.

A doctor at the cans with liquid nitrogen.

Stewart says the American oncologist E.Sigel (synchronously).

A sick child in a hospital room playing with his mother.

Clown playing with a child in the hospital.

S.E.Sigel says (synchronously).

Mama says the sick child (synchronously).

Clinical laboratory staffed.

M.I.Davydov says (synchronously).

A doctor at the monitor.

Photo academician Abelian.

B.P.Kopnin says (synchronously).

Doctors at the conference hall.

In the hallway talking Cancer Center physicians.

M.I.Davydov says (synchronously).

Fast shooting - the Kremlin, passing cars in the evening skies.

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