The birth of a giant. (1983)

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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Lavrentjev S.

Script writers: Mihajlov A.

Operators: Lavrentjev S., Shermergor E.


The building of an excavator-producing plant was another stage of opening up Siberia.

Construction | Industry

Reel №1

Reflections of trees in water.

Tourists on the beach.

He lit the fire.

Birch Grove.

Herd of horses in the field.

Residential houses.


Buses on the road.

Buses arrive at the Krasnoyarsk plant of heavy excavators.

The trunks of the birch trees.

The truck drives past the main plant building.

Snowfall over the construction site.

Workers at the site, construction of the plant.

The driver behind the wheel.

plant enclosures.

View of the site caravans.

Collection of department heads.

The meeting at the headquarters building.

Heavy machinery, construction.

The Commission inspects the plant.

Use of helicopter assembly work.

Discussion team contract, the signing of documents.

Chairman of the Board Vladimir Vysotsky foremen.

Brigadier V.Bekker.

Construction works.





Reel №2

Brigade Vladimir Vysotsky and V.Bekkera on site.

Interview with Vladimir Vysotsky.

Construction works.

Interview with V.Bekkerom.

The meeting of the party committee. V.Vysotsky out of the office.

Colleagues congratulate Brigadier.

A meeting of young workers in Krasnoyarsk.

Deposit brigades Vladimir Vysotsky and V.Bekkera, tour of the plant for beginners.

Construction of the shop.

Assembling an excavator bucket.

The meeting at the construction site, the output of the new machinery.

Mining machinery is working in quarries.

View of the lake and the bat from the air.

Coal mining and loading.

View from the plane window.


04/21/1983 06.1983


Krasnoyarsk Territory