The "Time" The "Time" (1997)

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Scene №1 The "Time"

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Advertising: The Bank "Menatep" - the official Bank of the 850th anniversary of Moscow.

Saver program "Vremya" on ORT channel.

Igor is a program announcer Gmyza.

Boris Yeltsin's trip to the Saratov region:

Greeters at the airport, among them the governor D.F.Ayatskov.

Air Force Base in the city of Engels, are the bombers,

Military aircraft have "Ilya of Murom."

Yeltsin talks to reporters next to the Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation S.V.Yastrzhembsky: Defense minister says Sergeyev and his predecessor, the decision of the military pay the debt problem.

Boris Yeltsin visits the Mikhailovsky poultry, wood-processing plant.

Harvesters in the field.

Boris Yeltsin at the meeting.

Yeltsin said on a trip to Saratov region.

Types of Saratov region.

Photo exhibition M.Donskogo in St.

Petersburg "Unknown Yeltsin" (unknown photos of Yeltsin).

Problems with the life support system on the space station "Mir": station "Mir" space.

Yeltsin responds to reporters' questions about the problems at the station.

Repair and cosmonauts A.Solovevym P.Vinogradovym power station "Mir".

Report from the MCC.

Interview with Minister of Economy Ya.


Chairman of SPC M.Boyko says about the prospects of privatization in Russia.

Meeting in the office, at the table A.Venediktov present, the list of privatization objects.

The Commission, chaired by Viktor Chernomyrdin on the support of private investors.

Chernomyrdin comes from the study, giving an interview on the sidelines.

An empty room.

Meeting in the government, on the podium Chubais, Nemtsov, O.Soskovets.

The Third International Motor Show in Moscow.

Viktor Chernomyrdin is interviewed at the motor show.

Tax Police of pop stars and sports, not paying taxes: taxes are the police with machine guns, said the director of the Federal Tax Police Service of the Russian Federation S.Almazov,

Signs: The Federal Tax Police Service of Russia.

Press conference for journalists.

Playing entertainers, listed as tax evaders Ph.

Kirkorov, D.Malikov, V. Tsyganov, A.Malinin.

Hall of the Mariinsky Theater in St.


At the press conference said the first deputy head of operational control of the Russian Federation Federal Tax Police Service Yu.


I. Kobzon singing, sitting, and V. Vinokur L.Leschenko says N.Babkina.

Reporters in the room.

Against the backdrop of the sea sits A.Tarhanov.

At the contest "Song-96" stands F.Kirkorov with the song "I'm sorry I am to blame."

Are the tax police in masks.

Work in the area of ​​the tax police.

The announcer talks about the federal wanted list of former Deputy Minister for Cooperation with the CIS countries V.Kisina.

18.8.1997 Yeltsin said the disappearance of money to uplift the economy of Chechnya.


Danilevsky Says - Head of Audit Office Ministry of Finance.

Traffic on the streets of Moscow.

The hands count money.

The auditors from Chechnya in the office of the Ministry of Finance.

Interior Ministry building in the "October".

The streets of old Moscow.

The announcer said the detention of journalists in Belarus, ORT.

Stay I.Sergeeva defense minister in Kiev: hello to the military, is present at a meeting at the Ministry of Defence.

Says Deputy Secretary of the Council for National Security and Defense of Ukraine A.Razumkov.

Funeral Yu.

Nikulina in Moscow circus building on the colored avenue, people on the street, carry wreaths, people say goodbye to Nikulin, playing the mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov.

At the funeral there Nikita Mikhalkov, Mr.

Govorukhin, G.Hazanov, Yu.

Lyubimov, Alla Pugacheva, K.Orbakayte, A.Abdulov, N.Varley, A. Shirvindt etc.

It is worth Yu.

Nikulina son Maxim Nikulin.

From the circus building render the coffin.

The crowd is V.Mansky.

N.Eltsina, Yuri Luzhkov at the Novodevichy Cemetery.

People around the grave.


Eljcin B.N. Yastrzhembskij S.V. -- statesman, diplomat Sergeev I. -- serviceman Nemcov B.E. -- politician Chubajs A.B. Gmiza I. -- television announcer Luzhkov Yu. -- Moscow Mayor Chernomirdin V.S. Ayackov D.F. -- politician and statesman Bojko M. -- statesman Kirkorov F. -- crooner Almazov S. -- Director of the Federal Tax Police Service

Calendar: 26/08/1997

Locations: Saratov Region [801] city ​​of Engels Moscow [820] St. Petersburg [814] Kiev

Seasons: Summer [824]

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