The August coup (1991)

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Scene №1 The August coup

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The building of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation (White House), people from the building.

The crowd clergyman congratulates the Transfiguration.

People on the Kremlin's Cathedral Square.

The apples in their hands.

In the streets of Moscow, passing tanks.

Military equipment moving along the avenue.

People block the road the military, get on a tank, a man lies on the road on the route of the tank.

Press conference by President Boris Yeltsin's Russia: Yeltsin appeal reads, speaks about the illegality of the coup.

People shouting "Shame!" Climb on the tank, grab trolley near the Manege Square.

Portrait of Academician Andrei Sakharov in the crowd.

Yeltsin gets on a tank, talking to the tank crews, stands.

A crowd of people chanting "Yeltsin", walks along the street.

People at the White House.

Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze at a press conference responding to reporters' questions about the coup.

Flying leaflets from the building of the White House.

People build barricades.

The military on the streets, Muscovites soldiers handing out bread.

City Hall on Tverskaya, 13.

The military refers to the Muscovites.

The movement of military equipment on a Moscow street in the rain.

Yakovlev told the cabinet.

Night: people on the street, passing tanks with Russian flags.

Seated at the press conference members of the Emergency Committee: G.Yanaev, B.Pugo, V.Starodubtsev., V. Pavlov and others

Bonfire on the street, people around the fire (night).

People build barricades.

Smokes tanker.

Says military Taman Division.

Says the policeman.

Writing in the radio transmission V.Molchanova.

I.Silaev office.

People are sleeping in the hallway of the White House.

Night photography: tankman talking with Muscovites.

People give the soldiers water, cigarettes and food.

Passes Rutskoi, answers questions.

Gathered at the White House.

Rutskoi in the corridor responds to questions from.

Morning: Paratroopers from the Russian flag in the sky.

Report from the radio station of the Supreme Soviet of Russia.

I.Silaev in the hallway of the White House, gives an interview in his office, talking on the phone.

People at the White House.

Shevardnadze is interviewed in the hallway of the White House.

Rutskoi, R.Hasbulatov, I.Silaev the White House.

People handing out leaflets.

They play and sing on the guitar.

Kitten on the barrel of the tank.

Moscow Mayor G.H.Popov refers to the Muscovites from the balcony of City Hall on Tverskaya.

The crowd in front of City Hall.

Barricades in front of the White House.

Draws an artist.

Are the tanks.

Hangs a caricature of the members of the Emergency Committee.

The barricade of trolley buses.

Correspondent talks with the military.

The rally outside the White House.

The rally appears Rutskoi.

Muscovites say about the fate of Mikhail Gorbachev.

Military says.

The deputies in the hall before the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, Yakunin in the hall.

General of the Army advocates K.I.Kobets.

General K.Kobets headquarters.

The priest communion soldiers guarding the White House.

Loose-leaf calendar 20 and August 31, 1991.

Key words

Coup d'etat


Yakovlev A.N. -- academic, political and social activist Eljcin B.N. Shevardnadze E.A. Ruckoj A.V. Silaev I.S. Kobec K.I. -- soldier and statesman

Calendar: 19-21.08.1991

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824] Morning [827] Day [828] Night [830] Rain [833]

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