The countries of Western Europe (1989)

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Scene №1 The countries of Western Europe

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1996: Lisbon - the upper point of the city, the streets, the area of ​​Commerce, sea, boat, bridge, fleeing soldiers, Torre de Belém, the tourists in the souvenir shop, beach, tourists taking pictures in the hotel lobby.

1989: Dortmund (Germany) - Passage on the train, scenery, shot with motion; stations, a suburb of

Stuttgart (GDR) - a sign, "Novotel", are the Soviet military, city view from the top point (observation deck)

Berlin - are war with the dog, flying the flag GDR on the Brandenburg Gate, a triumphal column, the people of West Berlin at the fence near the Brandenburg Gate, the people on the streets, a police officer on the street.

Madrid (evening) people on the street, passing cars, people in the restaurant.

The Plaza Mayor.

Serves Spanish ensemble, Spanish dance, watching visitors to the restaurant, sitting at the tables.

Barcelona: The building of the Olympic stadium.

Berlin: A woman paints the Berlin wall, pictures on the wall.

G.Kotbus (GDR), a street market, the Soviet soldiers in the market, among them O.Repin.

The movement of the river boat on the river.

Potsdam: The Bridge, passing cars.

Ducks on the water.

Seagulls on the bridge.

CAT from West Berlin to Potsdam.

G.Vyunsdorf (GDR): transportation of cars on the road, views of the city, taken from the movement of the car.

1990: Berlin: City Streets, the building of the museum of German history, sale of military uniforms, badges with Soviet symbols on the street, playing the organ grinder.

People on the street, fried sausages.

Greece: common types of clip

1989: Italy: Rome, Milan, Italy City - clip (filmed from a helicopter).

Industrial enterprises in Italy, transportation, political leaders (Berlusconi and others); gondoliers, Venice Film Festival, the fashion designer Valentino at the show with the model; Gorbachev in Italy.

Finland: Helsinki species, the artist on the street, the ships in the harbor, yachts, a zoo, a fountain, office buildings, old houses, a Finnish restaurant in traditional style, crafts (lace), amusement park, a dolphinarium, water sports, fishing, beach, airport, tourists at the airport, the plane in the sky.

Austria: at the airport plays a pianist in a national costume, taxis the aircraft.

Flying over the Alps, at home in the mountains, the animals in the pasture, the sunset.

Transportation, the report of the city Vienna, architectural monuments, a girl on roller skates, flying over the castle, ball, rest in the mountains, an amusement park.

Belgium: The plane lands at the airport, metro, people on the street.

Brussels - an outline of the top point.

The ancient Belgian town (Bruges)

Flying over the locks.

Belgian industry, pharmaceuticals, textiles, glass industry, telephony, cut diamonds, car plant.

Port of Antwerp, windmills.

Kids - big plans.

Munich, Germany: The Germans at the tables on the street drinking beer.

A dog lies next to the table.

Children's railway in the park.

The streets of the city of Munich, reportage plans.

How to get around the city.

Market in the city.

People in the market.

Various flowers and floral arrangements.

People at the tables in the park drinking beer and singing.

The man in the Bavarian national dress on the street.

Football fans at a table in a summer cafe.

Living on the street sculpture, coins in the hat.

The police on the streets of Munich.

The crowd on the street.

How to get around the city.

The city center, Marienplatz.

Repair work on the street.

Closeups of Germans on the street.

Teens at the table.

Key words

The Berlin Wall
Western Group of Soviet Forces


Gorbachev M.S. Berluskoni S. -- politician in Italy

Calendar: 1989 1990 1996

Locations: Lisbon (Portugal) Dortmund (Germany) Stuttgart (GDR) Berlin (GDR) Madrid (Spain) Barcelona (Spain) Cottbus (GDR) Potsdam (GDR) Wünsdorf (GDR) Athens, Greece Italy, Rome, Milan, Venice Finland, Helsinki Vienna, Austria Belgium, Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp Munich (Germany)

Seasons: Summer [824] Day [828] Night [830]

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