TV program "Doctor caused"[Doctor called] (1990-1999)

Documentary №21125, 1 part, duration: 0:33:33

Reel №1 TV program "Doctor caused"

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Leading software E.V.Malysheva talks about the theme of "Price hypocrisy" and is a guest of the program R.G.Viktyuka theater director.

Category "from the history of life."

R.Viktyuk in the theater talking with the actors, conducts a rehearsal - take different years.

Fragments of the performances R.Viktyuka.

In the television studio interview with E.Malysheva R.Viktyukom.

R.Viktyuk talks about theater, about the feelings experienced by the actors on stage.

Heading "medical certificate".

Tigers in a cage, white rats in the laboratory, the protesters at the Ostankino TV tower, the people are.

The doctor says about stress and stressful situations.

Group of campers in the park, a rock concert, a police cordon, a crowd of fans.

Street; drives transport, pedestrians.

Patients in the clinic hallway, the patient in the ward.

A scene from Taganka - on stage V.Zolotuhin and other actors.

Applauding audience in the hall, among them Yu.


E.Malysheva R.Viktyuk and talk about sacrifice, an actor, etc.

Topic "Additional examination".

The clock on the building, different plans.

The girl, a young child on the street, a girl talking on a pay phone, people of different ages on the streets of Italian cities.

Employees at work in the office.

A man driving a car.

People ride atratsionah - night plans.

E.Malysheva R.Viktyuk and talk about the profession of director of productions staged by Viktyuk.

Topic "The history of the disease."

The actor on stage, little kids for a walk.

Interview with a psychologist.

Scenes from productions with actors: A.Lazareva (Jr.), A.Demidovoy, I.Bortnika.


Lyubimov in rehearsal.

G.Volchek at a rehearsal in the theater "Contemporary", the actors on stage, among them - V.Gaft, E.Yakovleva etc.

R.Viktyuk conducting a rehearsal, the actors on stage.

E.Malysheva R.Viktyuk and talk about the importance of color in life and work.

Topic "Additional examination".

Sunset over the river.


Interview with expert in color therapy.

The girl at the reception of a specialist in color therapy.

R.Viktyuk at the reception of a specialist in color therapy.

R.Viktyuk says occupations director and actor.

Category "epicrisis"

Conducted by Vladimir Spivakov, the policeman regulates the movement of the actors on stage;

people on the show, are the rock band, jubilant players, the audience applauded at the theater, on stage bows R.Viktyuk, S.Makovetsky and other actors.

R.Viktyuk says about his attitude at the time, fortunately, his love for the theater, etc.


Malisheva E.V. -- doctor, TV presenter Viktyuk R.G. -- theater director Zolotuhin V.S. -- film and theater actor, People's Artist of the RSFSR Lyubimov Yu.P. -- director, actor, creator of Drama and Comedy on Taganka Demidova A.S. -- theater and film actress, People's Artist of the RSFSR Bortnik I.S. -- film and theater actor, People's Artist of Russia Lazarev A.A.(mladshij) - akter teatra i kino Gaft V.I. -- film and theater actor, People's Artist of the RSFSR Yakovleva E.A. -- theater and film actress, Honoured Artist of Russia Spivakov V.T. -- Conductor, violinist, People's Artist of the USSR Makoveckij S.V. -- film and theater actor, People's Artist of Russia

Calendar: 90th

Locations: Moscow [820] Italy [110]

Seasons: Summer [824] Day [828] Evening [829] Night [830]

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