Kenya (1997)

Footage №21332, 1 footage, duration: 1:13:41

Scene №1 Kenya

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Marabou storks and other birds on site.

The hotel - housing cottages are holiday-makers.

Peacocks at the bungalow.

Peacocks and other birds on the lawn in front of the cottage.

Vacationers are fed the peacock, the peacock peeps into the room bungalow.

Peacock at the bungalow on the lawn - different plans.

Storks in the trees on the lawn.

Cottages, swimming pool, the pool attendants.

Marabou sitting on the roofs of buildings on the pipes.

Peacocks, marabou and other birds on site, campers feed the birds.

Flowering trees - different plans.

Hall Hotel - sofas, tables, chairs, lights the fireplace.

The interior of the room - a bed, nightstands, mirrors, sconces, etc.

Holiday hotel.

Landscape at Sunset Kenya - mountains, trees, flowers, sunset.

Parking vans, tourists in the parking lot - different plans.

Tourists with suitcases, bags pass through the gallery bungalow.

Objects of national attributes - tusks, animal heads, antlers, rugs, etc. - in the gallery.


Swimming pool on site.

Tourists baggage staff at the cottage.

City of Nairobi - office buildings, cars, trees, giant cacti in the streets.

The restaurant in the upscale hotel - bar, tables, chairs, cooks, waiters, guests at the restaurant.

The walls are decorated with mosaics, high-speed elevators, balconies, balustrades inside the hotel.

Report on the streets of Nairobi - buildings, transport, are residents of the city.

The building of "City Hall"; building a skyscraper

Passers-by on the street - different plans.

The citizens on the street reading the newspaper.

Modern buildings, architectural and historical monuments.

Vehicles on the streets of Nairobi - different plans.

Visitors to the Nairobi National Park.

A large group of Kenyan schoolchildren before the tour of the national park.

Huts with thatched roofs, trees, shrubs, cacti. flowers on the reserve.

Snakes on a tree branch, a lizard, a snake in a cage.

Chameleons on the shoulders of tourists.

An employee of the reserve snake shows for tourists, travelers looking to take pictures.

The snake, a chameleon on a man's hand, watching the Kenyan children.

Tourist holding a chameleon.

Poisonous snakes in the terrarium.

Kenyan school children during the tour - different plans.

Turtle in the aviary.

Children from cells with a crocodile.

Lizards on the rocks in the enclosure.

Index of "Snake Park Nairobi."

Visitors are directed to after the tour vans.

Travel through the streets of Nairobi.

Calendar: 1997

Locations: Kenya [115] Nairobi

Seasons: Day [828] Evening [829]

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