Dear Editors Fragment (1995-1998)

Telecast №21343, 1 part, duration: 0:12:21

Reel №1 TV Program "Dear editors'

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Fragment transmission "Dear editors."

The plot of the companies involved in the selection of personnel.

Employees in the office, computers, talking on the phone, working with documents.

The plot of the column "You asked ..." - The poisoning of low-quality alcohol.

Passers-by on the street (summer).

Showcase of alcoholic beverages - a bottle of gin, vodka, liqueurs.

Bottles of vodka, wine in the window of a commercial kiosk.

Freight is transferred out of the car to the shopping pavilion boxes with alcoholic beverages.

Laboratory study of alcohol, experts are studying the quality of alcohol.

Bottles of liquor, "Amaretto", wine, champagne and other alcoholic beverages in the window of a stall.

Bottles of alcohol, cigarettes in a shop window.

Alcoholic drinks in the window.

Leading the program Kuleshov Peter speaks with a guest actor Ivan Okhlobystin program.

I.Ohlobystin talking about himself, answers the questions of the presenter about vegetarianism.

The plot of the column "You asked" - the problem of obesity and methods of struggle against excess weight.

Passers-by on the street, a woman eating ice cream and a woman smokes, is a stout woman, a correspondent A.Mamontov laughs, slaps his stomach (summer).

Stalls JSC Moscow meat-packing plant; buyers from trade Thonar.

woman on the street eating a hamburger.

Of fruit, clothes on the street.

A department store clothes "Hercules."

People express their opinion about the drugs for weight loss.

Shopping Pavilion, displays the "very large size."

Classified ads for weight correction.

Correspondent program on the pay phone rings, leafs through a book about losing weight.

Interview people on the street about the drugs for weight loss.

Interview employees about pharmacy drugs to burn fat.

Shoppers at the pharmacy.

Medicines on the shelves.

Specialists of the International Medical Clinic Medical Center, the administration of Russian President talk about preparations for weight loss.

In the television studio interview with P.Kuleshov I.Ohlobystinym.


Ohlobistin I.I. -- actor, director Kuleshov P.B. -- TV presenter, actor Mamontov A.V. -- journalist and television presenter

Calendar: 1995-1998

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824] Day [828] Sunny [831]

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