Filming TV show. (Dear Editors ) (1995-1998)

Footage №21350, 1 footage, duration: 0:51:15

Scene №1 Filming TV show "Dear editors'

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Leading program in the studio P.Kuleshov says about the topics of transmission: "Human Rights" and a special investigation of the "Char" (the bank) and its contributors ", is the guest actress E.Korenevu transmission.

P.Kuleshov talking to E.Korenevoy.

E.Koreneva talking about himself, about his artistic plans, responds to the question of the viewer of copyright protection in our country.

The plot of "flat Redesign"

Members on the street asks a question about the redevelopment of the apartment.

Residential building, mountain ash trees near the house.

The man opens the window.

Apartment Interior remodeling after - advanced technology, original design, furniture, etc.

E.Koreneva his opinion about the change of the interior.

The plot of "Inheritance"

Extract from the television movie "The Twelve Chairs" (directed by M.Zaharov).

Cast: A.Papanov, T.Pelttser, A.Mironov, O.Tabakov, G.Vitsin, R.Bykov, L.Fedoseeva-Shukshin

P.Kuleshov and talk about E.Koreneva defrauded depositors of the bank "Chara".

The plot of "The History of Coffee."

Mountain landscape.

A man collects the coffee grounds.

Flock of sheep grazing on mountain pasture.

Coffee Plantation.

Tasting coffee in the lab.

Paris - The Eiffel Tower at night.

Bags of coffee beans from Brazil.

P.Kuleshov E.Koreneva and talk about low-quality goods, violation of consumer rights.

The plot of "The rights of the buyer."

Comment lawyer.

Shoppers at the bakery, on the market.

Packs of tea, pasta. cookies, cakes, bottles of vodka, pomegranate, frozen mackerel, banks with canned tomatoes, teapots on display, and store shelves.

Shoppers at the product fair.

Cash register.

Shoppers at the stalls.

E.Koreneva answers the question of the leading private vehicles.

The plot of "The first Soviet jeep."

E.Koreneva viewer reads the letter.

1955 Newsreel - Tests in off-road terrain car GAZ-72.

Modern off-road vehicles of various brands, "Niva", "Nissan". "Cherokee" - on the showrooms.

Passers-by on the street to ask questions to E.Korenevoy; E.Koreneva answers to questions.

The plot of the column "You asked."

The woman on the beach, near Moscow, asked: "What time is best for sunburn?".

Vacationers, sunbathing at the pool - different plans.

Ducks swim in a pond.

Beauty S.Donetskaya talks about means of protection against sunburn for different skin types.

Holidaymakers on the beach - different plans, a woman wears pants baby, girl swim in the pond.

E.Koreneva tells the rest.

The plot of "Jet".

Motorcycles on display.

Teens ride water scooters (scooters) on the Moscow River.

E.Koreneva talks about their pets, choose the best question of the program; passes telezritelnitse gift - the bell of San Francisco.

P.Kuleshov E.Korenevoy presents a bouquet of flowers.

P.Kuleshov E.Koreneva and in the studio during the recording of the show - different plans.


Kuleshov P.B. -- TV presenter, actor Koreneva E.A. -- theater and film actress Papanov A.D. -- People's Artist of USSR, theater and film actor Mironov A.A. -- film and theater actor, People's Artist of the RSFSR Vicin G.M. -- film and theater actor, People's Artist of the USSR Peljtcer T.I. -- theater and film actress, People's Artist of the USSR Bikov R.A. -- theater and film actor, director, People's Artist of the USSR Fedoseeva-Shukshina L.N. -- theater and film actress Tabakov O.P. -- People's Artist of USSR, theater and film actor, director

Calendar: 1995-1998 1955 - Testing of off-road terrain car GAZ-72

Locations: Moscow [820] France [77]

Seasons: Summer [824] Day [828] Sunny [831]

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