Cyprus (1998-2001)

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Scene №1 Cyprus

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Coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Archaeological sites in Cyprus: Paphos, ancient ruins, Dolls, necropolis, an archaeological park, Roman mosaics at the House of Dionysus.

Seashore, a lighthouse, yachts and boats in the harbor.

Paphos Castle (withdrawn from the sea).

The streets of Paphos.

Church of St.


Paphos Aquarium - a building entrance; sightseers (adults and children) are considering various exotic fish in aquariums.

Marine exotic fish in aquariums - different plans.

The streets of Paphos - hotels, transport and cafes. tourists (different designs).

Fisherman fishing rod.

Beaches, hotels on the beach, trees, flowers - different plans.

The ruins of the ancient basilica, St.

Paul's column, marble columns, the church Hrisopolitesa.

The hotel "Coral Beach" - cottages, swimming pool, beach, vacationers swim in the swimming pool, children pool.

Tourists ride in the sea on a "banana".

Tourist in a parachute flying over the sea.

Vacationers in the pool.

Hotel lobby, are tourists.

Vacationers at the restaurant, "Swedish" table - various specialties

The interior rooms "Coral Beach".

Palm trees against the setting sun.

Lighted entrance to the building of the hotel "Azia Beach Hotel"; hotel lobby.

Bar resting at the bar, the bartender prepares drinks.

Singing musician.

Seashore, beach hotel, the pool early in the morning.

Seashore, rock of Aphrodite

Baths of Aphrodite in Akamas nature reserve.

Coastal cliffs, like a layer cake.

Archaeologists are working.

Ancient ruins, Roman mosaics and other archaeological sites of Paphos - different plans.

Buildings, areas, interior rooms and comfortable hotels.

Vacationers in hotels - swimming in the pool, sunbathing.

The resort town of Limassol - Cruise Ships at sea, along the promenade are resting.

The hotel late at night, the fountains at the entrance to the hotel.

Hotel lobby, visitors in the lobby sitting at the tables.

Sports Complex Hotel - indoor pool, gym, campers do at the gym.

The interiors of rooms - living rooms and bathrooms.

Vacationers at the restaurant.

The interior of the restaurant, fruit, a variety of dishes.

Tourists in the evening in an open restaurant "Tavern."

Play, sing, musicians, holidaymakers at the tables.

The hotel at night.

The streets of Limassol at night, illuminated signboards of restaurants and shops, are resting, passing cars, motorcycles.

Landscapes of Cyprus - different plans.

The street of the resort.

A man rides a donkey.


The resort town - residential and administrative buildings.

The woman on the street embroiders.

Shop for the sale of embroidered and lace products.

Jewelry Store - products of silver: bracelets. chains and rings.

Earrings on display.

The interior of the old winery.

On the street elderly women knit lace.

Shop for the sale of lace products, tourist product reviews.

Tourists at street tables drink beverages.

Cypriots have sit at home.

The temple in the mountains.

The streets of the city.

The Holy Monastery of the royal and Stavropighial Kikkskoy Mother of God, built in the Troodos mountains - the territory of the monastery, the icon, the interior of the church.

area of ​​the hotel - from the top point.

Children swim in the pool, panoramic view of the buildings of the hotel.

The hotel - sculpture, trees, parking.

Lotus flowers in the pond.

Holidaymakers sunbathe by the pool, swim, girl jumps into the pool from the bridge towers.

The streets of the resort town - transport passes, are tourists, street trading.

The building of the temple, bell tower - different plans.

Gallery, a man talking on a pay phone.

Quay, building hotels, drives cars, motorcycles, campers are.

Tourists on the beach and the sea.

Building hotels, palm trees.

The interiors of the hotel rooms, in a relaxing, beach and fables.

Various plans for sunbathing and swimming in the pool of tourists.

Coach at the entrance to the hotel.

Hotel lobby, a fountain, running staff

Vacationers swim in the pool - different plans.

Seashore; site.

A young man riding a water bike (scooter).

The beach, the hotels on the beach - removed from the sea.

A jumper over the sea, man water skiing.

Children build a sand castle, swim.

Panorama of the hotel and leisure pool.

Tourists in the hotel lobby, at the reception.

The interior of the hotel.

The hotel area - trees, flowers, and bungalows.

Calendar: 1998-2001

Locations: Cyprus [58]

Seasons: Summer [824] Day [828] Evening [829] Night [830] Sunny [831]

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