Enisei River's Meridian 2000 № 2

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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Chaplinskiy S.


1. "The visit of the patriarch." 2. "Metro". 3. "The Governor's views." 4. Untitled.

Reel №1

1. "The visit of the patriarch."

Residents of Krasnoyarsk preparing for the meeting of the patriarch at the airport.

Alexy II down the plane.


Cossack army carries banners.

Alexy II, accompanied by A.I.Lebedya and priests.

The crowd in front of Pokrovsky Cathedral.

Alexy II led a procession goes to the cathedral.

Patriarch met with army cadets, the vehicle is stopped near the fence, climb the stairs to run people.

The soldiers and cadets.

Alexy II goes down the line, the students take off their hats.

People in the square, it is snowing.

Representatives of the city administration.

At the microphone Alexiy II, near A.I.Lebed.

Build soldiers and cadets.

People in the concert hall.


On stage, a dance ensemble.


A.I.Lebedya Awarding the Order of St.

Prince Daniel Moskovsky.

Awarding P.I.Pimashkova.

2. "Metro".

Workers go into the elevator.

Work waving operator, elevator descends.

Metrostroevtsy in the tunnel.

There are works on construction of the first subway line.

Workers rest during the break.

Past the administration building drives a concrete mixer.

Layout Canadian Tunnel complex.

The lift.

Working out of the elevator at the end of the shift.

3. "The Governor's views." September 1, 2000, review of the Cadet Forces in Krasnoyarsk.

In the area of ​​students lined up for viewers stand guard on the free space media representatives in the background balloon.

Story cadets. A.I.Lebed.

Those cadets. A.I.Lebed shall report the team.

Archbishop of Krasnoyarsk and Yenisei Anthony blessing cadet corps.

Military and civilian under umbrellas, A.I.Lebed salutes.

Marching cadet corps.

A general view of the area.

Marching squad.

The ranks of students.


Cadets with icons in their hands.

4. "State Nature Reserve" Pillars "."

Hikers on the top of the Wall of Memory.

A crowd of people at the foot of the cliff.

Middle aged man.

Opening of the monument to fallen climbers.

Spectators with cameras and cameras.

The priest blesses the crowd.

People's faces.

Consecration of the monument.

People go to the rocks.

Holiday collective ascent.

The priest comes down from the cliff.

Climber going down the rope.

Alternation: a man climbs on a pole, the people at the bottom of the athlete cheer.



Alexy II (Ridiger AM) - Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. Swan AI - Politician, military commander, Lieutenant-General, the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Pimashkov PI - Statesman and political figure, head of Krasnoyarsk 1996-2011.


Krasnoyarsk [923] Krasnoyarsk Territory [762]


Autumn [826]

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