The Chinese way. (1993)

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Director: Novikova O.

Script writers: Novikova O.

Operators: Chabad A.

Reel №1 The Chinese way

Street of China.

The Chinese market: jeans, fur skins, clothes, shoes, buyers in the market.

Cooking on the market.

Slice the meat.

Various fruits on the counter.

Pearl Market, pearl jewelery - beads.

Souvenir shop: Various figurines, jewelry boxes, porcelain vases.

The old streets of Beijing.

A street vendor.

Sales of toilet paper on the street.

Chinese slums.

Pass through the narrow stone alleys.

Clay pots, street vendor.

Shoemaker Street.

Barber in the open air.

Posters attached to the trunk of cyclists.

Travel by road in the mountains, mountain scenery.

Houses in the mountains.

An elderly man carries a bundle of firewood.

Vegetable market: cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, mushrooms, cabbage, tomatoes, herbs and traditional spices, buyers in the market.

Chinese children in the school yard.

Travel by road, bicycle rickshaw.

Fish market on the street.

Sell ​​all kinds of seafood.

The new district of the city.

Cyclists on the streets of Beijing.

Velostoyanka the metro.

How to get around the city - targeted plans of various buildings, business centers, the report of the city.

The interior of the hotel.

Chinese rink.

The mountains, the ruins of ancient buildings in the mountains.

The Open Museum in the street.


Catholic church.

Interview with Russian Ambassador to China I.A.Rogacheva.

Interview with a member of the Board of JSC "Roslegprom" S.M.Zvereva.

Workshop production of chocolates.


Showcase of porcelain vases in the store, toys.

Quality products of light industry.

Shoe factory with modern equipment, manufacturing of shoes in the shop.

The Russian "shuttle traders" in the Chinese market.

Interview with the Ukrainians and Russians, procuring goods in China for sale in the CIS countries.

Showcases with the Chinese consumer goods.

A large department store sale clothing, shoes, jewelry, toys.

The streets of Beijing.

The building of the Russian Embassy in China.

All in front of the embassy.

A Conversation with I.A.Rogachevym at the embassy.

Night in Beijing Cyclists panorama of showcase buildings.

Chinese snack, cooking in the kitchen, coffee room, visitors at the tables.

The seller says the money on the street.

Preparation of Chinese noodles on the street.


Rogachev I.A. -- Russian Ambassador to China Zverev S.M. -- Member of the Board of JSC "Roslegprom"




China, Beijing

Industry; Towns and countries; Foreign policy; Religion