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BN visit Yeltsin in Germany.

Negotiations Yeltsin and Kohl.

Farewell to Yeltsin.

Chronicle: Clinton and Yeltsin met in Helsinki.

German media award "Man of the Year" Yeltsin.

The problem of refugees after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The refugees at railway stations and so on.

Refugees at the gates of the Russian embassy.

The Russian military with refugees.

Meeting of the International Organization for the Protection of Human Rights, "Amnesty." Interview Eugene Chernitsov - deputy head of Russian Federal Migration Service.

Meeting of the State Duma on the far north.

Speech by Mayor Basil Norilsk Tkachev on the Federation Council.

The plot of the railways in Kazakhstan.

Nursultan Nazarbayev announces start of construction of car repair plant.

Station in Alma-Ata.

Agriculture in the Kaluga region.

Farm, cattle, sausage production.

The problems of the taxi service.

Interview taxi drivers, taxi representative of the Association of Transport of Russia.

Board meeting of the association.

Verkhoturye Sverdlovsk region.

Visit the Governor Eduard Rossel.

Winter sports Verkhoturye.


Nicholas Monastery.

Summer Activities Verkhoturye.

Work in Bryansk.

The streets of Bryansk, interview residents, representative of the administration.

Work on the subbotniks.

City Bender, Transnistria.

Views of the city.

Benderovsky museum, interviews senior fellow of the museum.

A ruined castle.

On the professional image-makers.

Chronicle: Lenin, Stalin, the streets of Moscow, Khrushchev.

Chubais at the meeting for the podium.

Interview stylist.

Zhirinovsky in a crimson jacket, Lebed and his wife.

Commercials: chocolate Elite Classic, Coffee Elite Club.

The plot about women in politics.

Voting in the UK. Statements of women politicians.

Madeleine Albright.

The British Parliament.

Suicide sect in California.

Fragments of American talk shows, American movies, news stories.

Production of cochineal.

Collection of aphids with cacti.

Erotica Festival in Brussels.

The European Commission is consulting on a draft directive on punishment for sexual harassment.

Interview the head of the Working Center for Economic Reforms of the Government of the Russian Federation Sergey Pavlyuchenko on the state budget and the approved budget.



Finance; Agriculture; Media; Foreign policy; Social life; Domestic policy