Stream (1990-1999)

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Movie №1 Release of information television program "Flow"

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1. By the visit of Jiang Zemin to Russia

Zemin and Boris Yeltsin.

Zemin at the airport, goes together with Chernomyrdin down the line of soldiers.

Marching soldiers.

Military exercises.

Drives a tank.

The Korean delegation, headed by C. Zemin and Viktor Chernomyrdin at the airport.

Yeltsin and Zemin shake hands.

2. Violations in the use of budget

The building of the Federation Council.

Parliamentary hearings.

Says the chairman of the Accounting Chamber Tochim Carmack.

The building of the State Tax Service of Russia.

The streets of Moscow, signs on buildings of various banks.

People on the streets.

Lubyanka Square.


Hotel "Ukraine".

White House.

3. Measures against tax evaders.

The building of the State Tax Service of Russia.

Employees in the offices of tax administration.

Government House.

Said the head of the State Tax Service Alexander Pochinok.

Working tax inspectors.

Says A. Pochinok.

The tax police.

Barbed wire, a colony.

4. Karachaevo-Cherkessia, people and issues.

Mountain landscape.

Soaring eagle.


Grazing sheep.


He says the mosque's imam, Abdul-Karim Karachaevsk Bairamukov.

Pray for the men.

The mountain scenery.

5. The conflict between the Russian company "Hot key" and Coca-Cola.

Landscape with a lake.

Manufacture of beverages at the plant.

Said the lawyer of the firm "hot key" Alex liquid.

Says the head.

Department of Financial Risk Management Vladimir Maryzhenkov.

Truck with the logo "Coca-Cola."

Promoters handed out bottles of "Coca-Cola."

Production of mineral water at the plant.

Soda cans.

Representatives of Coca-Cola Company at the table.

Said the lawyer of the firm "hot key" Alex liquid.

6. International Children's Festival named after SV Rachmaninoff.

Types of Novgorod (top).


Says festival director Deriglazova Love.

Speeches of the participants of the festival.

The boy at the piano.

Spectators in the courtroom.

The girl at the piano.

Rehearsal Orchestra of Folk Instruments.

7. School sports day of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Snow-covered village.

Along the street are people.

Ancient House.

Boy rides a scooter.

Dog team.

Students pass with flags.

Ski race.

Throwing ax.

Long jump (in the hall.)

Jumping over obstacles.

Ski race.

8. The crisis in Peru.

The residence of Japanese ambassador in Lima.

Intelligence work: the release of the hostages.

Outputs the hostages.

Carried the wounded.

Peru's President Alberto Fukimori welcomes people from the door of the bus.

9. The accession of Hong Kong to China.

China's People's Army on the streets of Hong Kong.

Major-General and the Chinese diplomat shake hands.

A column of army trucks on the streets.

Says the commander of British forces Maj.


Bryan Dutton.

10. Bulgaria after the elections.


The demonstrators on the streets.

Before the protesters favor the prime minister Stephen Sofiyarsky.

People are waving flags.

11. The collapse of the aviation consortium "Fokker".


Plane takes off.

The factory "Fokker."

The building is "Focker."

The Tu-134 on the airfield.

The different planes in the air.

Meeting of the Dutch government.

The aircraft in the hangar of the plant.


Calendar: 90's

Locations: Karachaevo-Cherkessia, Novgorod, Peru, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, the Netherlands

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