1990 - 1999

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Movie №1 Release of information television program "Flow"

1. To visit, President Jiang Zemin to Russia.

Yeltsin and Jiang Zemin.

Chronicle of the Korean War.

Military exercises.

Fly military aircraft.

Drives a tank.

2. "What is a" holy war "?

Says political analyst Shamil Sultanov.

3. A fragment of an interview with Alexander Lebed.

4. Pyatigorsk resorts.

Views of Kislovodsk: mountains, buildings.

Residents of the city streets.

Sanatorium "Russia."

Beketov said Victor - the Mayor of Kislovodsk.

Streets, people on the streets.

5. "Chewing gum with fear"

Dental office, said the reporter.

Dentists with patients.

The correspondent of the patient has gum.

Dental Instruments.

Says Yu Mishunin - the anesthetist, the inventor of "gum from fear."

The patient on the operating table.

Dentists work.

The correspondent in the dental chair.

6. Orenburg short-term government obligations.

The building of Gazprom's Orenburg.

Strike: People with flags and posters.

Galina says Goroshko - deputy.

Head of Financial Department of the Orenburg region.

The streets of the city traffic.

People on the streets.

Says Mr. peas.

Monument to Lenin in the central square.

The streets of the city.

7. Festival of the European Union.

Week Film of the European Union.

Cinema in Petrozavodsk.



The film on the screen.

Says the head of the local self-government of Petrozavodsk Sergey Katanandov at the opening film of the Week.

Applauding spectators.

Powered translator.

Interview with the audience in front of the theater.

Says a correspondent to the theater ticket office.

8. Cinematic Award "Nika


House of Cinema.

Yuli Gusman in the hall.

People go to the gym.

Mahmoud Esambayev.

Guzman and Esambayev.


Mary Shukshina award.

Says director Sergei Solovyov.

Fragments of the films nominated.


People on the sidelines of the House after the movie awards.

9. 25 anniversary of Krasnoyarsk circus.

Circus building in Krasnoyarsk.

People near the circus.

Arena circus.

In the arena of Krasnoyarsk Governor Valery Zubov, congratulates performers.

Speech by acrobats.


Ludmila Says Yairova - President of the Russian State Circus Company.

Trainer Nikolai Pavlenko with tigers.

Tightrope walkers.


L. says Yairova.

Spectators in the courtroom.

10. Filming a musical comedy about the Italian Mafia.

The streets of Palermo.

The market in Palermo.

The butcher, the baker.

Filming a musical.

Dressing room.


A cook prepares octopus.

The streets of Palermo residents.

Fragments of the musical.

11. .

Early elections in France.

Jacques Chirac announces early elections on French television.

The Presidential Palace.

The French parliament.


12. Northern Ireland militants trying to disrupt the elections in England.

People on the streets, traffic, traffic jams in London.


Speech by Conservative leader John Major.

Speech by the leader of Labour's Tony Blair.

Police cars.

The streets of the city.

13. Security problems on the roads of Western Europe.

Highway, traffic jam.


Car accident.

Police, rescue workers, ambulance.

Warped cars on the road.

Meeting of the European Commission.

Check on the roads.

The streets of European cities, the traffic.

Road signs.

Crash tests.

The coffin in a car.




Kislovodsk, Orenburg, Petrozavodsk, Novosibirsk, Palermo, Paris, London

Industry; Finance; Transportation; Media; Culture and Arts; Disasters; Towns and countries; Foreign policy; Social life; Domestic policy