The film "For the great wall of China.". (1992)

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Director: V. Komarova

Script writers: I. Eleferenko

Operators: N. Belikov, A. Chabad

Movie №1 The film "For the great wall of China."

About the visit of Boris Yeltsin in China.

Landscape of China, Mt.

Wall of China.

The aircraft on the airfield.

Descend the ladder, BN Yeltsin and N. Yeltsin.


They exchange greetings, shake hands.

Yeltsin, surrounded by the press.

Yeltsin responds to questions.

Travel to Beijing: the streets, at home.

Structure is built of soldiers in dress uniform.

Enter Yeltsin and Yeltsin.

Yeltsin and President Yang Shankun on the podium.

Russian anthem ("Patriotic Song" by Glinka).

Commander welcomes heads of state.

Yeltsin and Jan Shankun bypass operation.

Yeltsin and Jan Shankun sit in the chair.


Yeltsin gives an interview.

Travel through the streets of Beijing.




Great Wall of China.

Yeltsin passes along the Great Wall of China with the accompanying.

Answers the questions of correspondents.

Great Wall of China: the towers and forts.


Passes Yeltsin, welcomes people.

Drive off the presidential motorcade.

Landscapes of China (with traffic).

Area of ​​Tian An Myn in Beijing.

The monument to national heroes.

Arrives at the presidential motorcade.

Laying a wreath at the monument.

Following the war, carrying a wreath, are BN Yeltsin and Naina Yeltsin and Jan Shankun.

Yeltsin correcting ribbons on the wreath.

Descend the stairs to the machines.

System passes the soldiers.

Meeting BN Yeltsin and Premier Li Peng.

Shake hands, pose for photographers.

Hall talks.

Talking to the Russian and Chinese sides.

People on the streets of Beijing.

A meeting of Yeltsin and the Communist Party General Secretary Jiang Zemin.

Sitting at a table, talking.

Pagoda on the square.

The Imperial Palace Museum in Beijing.

Yeltsin was escorted to the area near the palace.

Yeltsin's meeting with representatives of the Chinese public.

Hello, get to know.

The participants in the room at the tables.

Yeltsin was on the podium, addresses participants of the meeting.

Receives a gift.

Presents a gift Zhostovo tray.

Signing the declaration on relations between Russia and China.

Signed by Yeltsin and Jan Shankun.

The signing of various Russian-Chinese documents.

On the Russian side signed Shokhin.

Yeltsin was at the table refers to the press, talks about his visit to China.

Farewell to Boris Yeltsin at the airport in Beijing.

Yeltsin gives interviews.

BN Yeltsin and Naina Yeltsin waved off the plane.

Travel through the streets of Beijing.

The Russian delegation headed by Yury Petrov at the table.

Meeting with Chinese counterparts in Shenzhen.

Chinese musicians play "Moscow Nights" at the national Chinese instruments.

Participants at the set table.

Interview with Yuri Luzhkov told.

Panorama of Shenzhen from a viewing platform: the skyscrapers, mountains.

The Russian delegation in the exhibition complex.

Travel to Shenzhen.

Visiting the Park and Reserve.

Models of historical monuments.

Yu Petrov and correspondents.


B.N. Eljcin N.I. Eljcina A.V. Shohin Yu.M. Luzhkov Yu.V. Petrov Yan Shankunj Li Pen Czyan Czeminj




Beijing, Shenzhen, China

Towns and countries; Foreign policy