St. Petersburg (1990-2005)

Footage №21991, 5 footages, duration: 1:04:47

Scene №1 St. Petersburg

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Scene №2 St. Petersburg

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Admiralty Shipyards.

Neva River, the water.

Seagull on the water.


Isaac's Cathedral.

Peter and Paul Fortress.

Vasilievsky island.

Palace Bridge.

Streets of St.


Calendar: 03.2004

Locations: St. Petersburg [814]


Streets of St. Petersburg Shipyard

Scene №3 St. Petersburg

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Petersburg: Building CDB Marine Engineering "Rubin".

External appearance, a sign, "Shark" in the yard.

Bridges, embankments, Neva.

Vasilievsky island.

Peter and Paul Fortress.

Admiralty Shipyards.



Andrew's flag.

The monument, a bust of Kovalev, SN (Chief designer CDB Rubin).

The building of St.

Petersburg State Marine Technical University

(Former Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute)

Exterior of the University, sign, and students.


Nicholas Cathedral.

Key words


Calendar: 2004

Locations: St. Petersburg [814]


CKB Rubin Streets of St. Petersburg Marine Technical University St. Nicholas Cathedral

Scene №4 St. Petersburg

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Peter and Paul Fortress - removed from the Neva River.

Monument to Peter 1.

Vasilievsky Island.

The building, taken from the traffic on the river.

Calendar: 1994-1995

Locations: St. Petersburg (Leningrad)

Seasons: Summer [824]

Scene №5 St. Petersburg

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Summer, from the top spots:


Isaac's Cathedral;

The ship sails along the Neva;

Peter and Paul Fortress;

Vasilievsky Island;

The bridge over the Neva.

Fountains and bridges.

Palace Square.


Isaac's Cathedral, the lights.

Reflection of houses in the water of the Neva.

St Petersburg - shot from a plane.


Petersburg at sunset.

Helicopter over the Neva.

The installer comes down from the helicopter on the spire.

Winter: Peter and Paul Fortress, the Cathedral of the Resurrection, the embankment, the arrow Vasilevsky Island, the Hermitage - from a top point.

Summer: Blue Bridge, the element of the monument to Nicholas 1, hotel "Astoria".

View of St.

Petersburg from the top of St Isaac's Cathedral, the spire of Peter and Paul Fortress, assembly work on the steeple - filmed from a helicopter.

Grille of the Summer Garden, sculpture garden, a restorer at work in sculpture.

Bridge, people on the bridge.

Restoration work on the temple of the Savior on the blood type of the church.

View rooftops in St.

Petersburg at the top.

The helicopter on the roof.

People come out of the trolley.

Helicopter over the buildings.

A man looks out the window trolley.

Flying helicopter.

Vasilievsky Island.

Of skydivers jumping out of the helicopter cabin (deleted from the helicopter).

A jumper on the city.


Isaac's Cathedral (dome), the Trinity Cathedral (dome).

Restoration of monuments of the city (Alexander Column, etc.).

Palace Square, are people.

Reflections in the water.

Lions Bridge.

Floating barge.

Monument Krusenstern.

Ships in port.

Boats ha Neva.


The spire of the Admiralty.

Key words

Architecture Urban
Sights of St.

Calendar: 2000-2005

Locations: St. Petersburg [814]


Architectural monuments of St. Petersburg

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

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