. (Dear Editors ) (1995-1997)

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The question of spectators on the Moscow metro.

Report from the subway passengers at stations.

The Paris subway train approaches, the passengers sitting on the platform, people in a subway car, play music in the car, people buy tickets, go through the turnstile.

People go down to the underpass at the Grand Opera.

Viewer Question about Paris.

City of Paris - from the top point

Pedestrians in the streets of Paris, a man reads a newspaper at a table in a Parisian cafe.

Madeleine Square, decorated with a Christmas and New Year street.

The organ-grinder in the street near the stroller are a cat and a dog, watching the children.

The dog is on the bench.

Directions to the streets of Paris.

People on the lookout, views of Paris.

Question about the culinary tastes telezritelnitsy French.

People in the restaurant.

Showcase with seafood.

Fast food restaurants, passers-by on the street.

Parisians eat on the go.

French Trade sweets in the street.

People at tables cafe.

Travel down the street.

Viewer asks a question about the Schengen visa.

Types of Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany.

The general plan of Paris from the top point.

A passport with a Schengen visa.

Question about the museum photo viewer.

Ostozhenka Street.

Signs: House 16.

House of Photography in Paris: the building, Pavel Lungin in the foyer, an exhibition of photographs A.Grinberga, visitors to the exhibition, photographs.

The question of the modern Parisian viewers.

Posters perfume companies.

Different types of Parisian street.

Screen saver of the "Dear Editor", the question of Amur tigers.

Tigers - different plans.

Work Foundation scientists studying tigers (WWF).

The question of spectators to explore the mysteries of the twins.

Various photos of the twins.

Exhibition of photographs of twins in the Paris house of photography.

The question of drunkenness.

Wine cellar, barrels and dusty bottles of wine.

Excerpts from feature films: drank in the scene.

Bottles of different brands of vodka.

Screen saver of the "Dear Editor", the question of guessing around Christmas.

Fragments of the cartoons of Walt Disney.

Screen saver of the "Dear Editor", a question about Christmas superstitions.

Fragments of the cartoons.

The issue of African masks, brought from the Volga city.

The different masks on the wall.

A house with a wooden annexe (winter).

G.A.Smirnov of the city of Engels shows he made masks and handicrafts made of wood.

People on the street.

Cat on a pedestal in the background masks.

The question of glass figurines.

Various art crafts glass artist Alexander Zelya.

Visitors to the exhibition of works A.Zelya.

The issue of facilitating sports weight loss.

Classes at the gym.

Question about the tastes of viewers in different countries.

The work of mounting the TV.

Stills from movies. sports stories (Boris Becker in the tennis tournament), television series involving I.Bochkina, I.Vernika, A.Guskova etc.

Question about school in show business.

School of show business in Liverpool (England), founder of the school, Paul McCartney (CU).

Paul McCartney speaks to the students.

The school building in Liverpool.

Classes of students in the classroom music, dancing, etc.

Question about getting rid of nicotine addiction.

Frames of smokers in movies.

The device, which helps to quit smoking.

The issue of drinking establishments in France.

Paris: the people at the tables in cafes, in the bistro.

People drink beer in the hall of the bistro.


Paris Street.

Question about alcoholic tastes French.

Summer: Traffic on the Champs Elysees towards the Arc de Triomphe.

Drinks are poured into glasses in the bar.

The policeman on the streets of Paris.

A street in Paris.

People drink in a cafe.

The question of Russian theaters in Europe.

Russian Theatre in Frankfurt am Main (Germany): the audience in the foyer, a fragment of the play with L.Chursinoy, director of the theater, Olga Horse.

Chursina grimiruetsya.

Talking to the audience.

The question of the diagnosis of diseases of dreams.

Excerpts from feature films and cartoons.

Question stylist.

The man in the mirror trying on his beard.

The woman placed her hair.

Different types of men wearing a beard.

The question of Tatiana's Day celebration.

Customers at a flower shop.


The building of Moscow State University at Sparrow Hills, the monument University.

The old building of Moscow State University on Moss Street.

Students pass in front.

Students in the hallways, in the audience.

The question of the psychologist.

A teacher in the elementary school classroom.

Paintings of children.

Children's drawings.

The question of decorating cocktails.

Cocktails at the bar.

Bartender preparing a cocktail.

Various cocktails.

Question about the health of hair.

Woman drying her hair in a barbershop.

Work barbershop.

Hair styling.

Cut man.

The question of the lamp.

Worshipers at the service of the temple.

Light candles.

The candle is burning.

The girl in the temple.

Key words

Foreign cultural ties


Makkartni Pol -- musician, member of "The Beatles" Chursina L. -- actress Konskaya o. -- actress

Calendar: 1995-1997

Locations: Paris [850] Moscow [820] Liverpool Engels Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

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