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Scene №1 Plots of the program "Business Russia"

Browser M.Solntsev talking in the studio with the Ambassador of China in Russia, Li Fenglin, and director of the 1st Department of Asian Affairs of the Russian Federation E.Afanasevym about the upcoming visit of Boris Yeltsin in China.

The industrial landscape of Primorye.

Boiler Room.

Host calculation of fuel.

Interview G.Lipatnikova - Chairman of the Scientific-Technical Council of Administration of Primorye.

Report of Vladivostok (spring).

The plane takes off, "British Airways".

Landing aircraft.

Planes in the air.

Interview of the Vice-President "Incombank" Sergei Kalugin.

The paper "Incombank."

The cashier counts the money.

Says D.Ignatev - financial adviser to the President of the Board "Incombank."

Continuing the conversation with the guests M.Solntseva in the TV studio.

Arkhangelsk: Smoking installation.

He says the technical director of "Nikma" V.Gorichev.

Says engineer of JSC "Myasmoltorg" E.Strebkov.

Volzhsky city (winter): the development of emergency fire-alarm system.

The duty officer at the panel at the police station.

Employee in the hall.

Duty calls up the police.

Goes a police car.

Out of the car group capture, run to the entrance of the house.

Traffic on the streets of the city.

The developers of the system.

The building of the factory computer technology, the company logo «Apple» to the building.

Newsreel 70s.: Driven by a rocket, missile launch, the space station in outer space.

The symbols of royal power.

Newsreel 1912: 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty - Passes Nicholas II and Alexandra, Tsarevich Alexei have.

Newsreel 1900-1916: driven timber in the cart.

Newsreel, 1917-1920: Symbols of the tsarist autocracy knock on the wall at home.

Performs V.Lenin.

Are the logs.

Says a correspondent N.Kostromitin.

Loading logs on the machine.


Woodworking Machine.

Loading bundles of boards.

The crane at the port.

Krylov says.


First All-Russian congress of representatives of small business: the speakers, listening in the hall.

Construction of the bridge in g.


Interview Yu.

Serdyuka - Head Kotlassky road management.

Says a correspondent T.Muchkina in the TV studio.

Conference on Trade and Investment, the presence of American and Finnish investors.

A.Volsky says.

Signing the agreement on tax co-operation between Russia and Tajikistan.

Said the first deputy head of the State Tax Inspectorate of the Russian Federation V.Gusev.

Participants in the signing of champagne.

Azam says Nigmatov - Deputy Chairman of the Tax Committee of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Says a correspondent A.Bogatyrev on the street.

Ships in the port of Hong Kong.

Stamping CDs at the factory.

Workers in the workshop package.

Streets of Hong Kong, office buildings, banks.

They say the German businessmen of the Chinese enterprises.

Travel through the streets of cities in Eastern Europe.

Cars of various companies in the showroom.

Armenia: the opening of the office, "Midland Bank", there is a businessman V.Manukyan, Armenian President Levon Ter-Petrossian and prime minister G.Bagratyan.

Press conference.

G.Poloki fragment of the film "The Return" Battleship. "

Interview with director G.Poloka.

The story of the photo exhibition:

Various photos of historical figures.

Faking photographs.

The audience at the exhibition.

Mexico City - the overall plan.

Photos of Mexico - of the English photographer.


Lyubimov in the foyer of the theater.


Lyubimov in the hall.

Premiere of "Teen" by Dostoevsky at the Taganka Theater.

A fragment of the play.

Auction Houses, "Christie" in New York: trading in the hall.

Famous ITEMS: Watch the House of Romanov.


Lots of Russia.

Leading auction.

The plot of Ilze Liepa: Ilse backstage, onstage in the role of Phaedra, the audience in the hall, Ilse bows.

Advertising campaign "PepsiCo" in Russia.

Direct communication with the astronauts during the company.

Participants of the presentation are trying to drink "Pepsi."

The story of Soviet space exploration 70s.

Port of Vladivostok: ships, unloading fish and crabs, loading in the refrigerator.

Picket at the closure of the facility for the extraction of apatite.

Says P.Klimenko - Chairman of the Trade Union Committee of JSC "ANOF-3 '.

Carry banners.

Shanghai: a report of the city, the port, the Russian Embassy, ​​interview B.Chaplina - Russian Consul General in Shanghai.

Travel to Shanghai.

Industrial companies.

"McDonalds" in Shanghai.


Loading of vehicles at the port.

The space module to the station "Mir" in the shop.

Working in the shop.

Installation of the module.

The launch of.

The station "Mir" in space.

The story of the development of the drug "Niovir" (similar to "Interferon") in St.


Says MD V.Tets.

Meeting at the medical university.

Yak-130 at the air show.

Kaliningrad: Joint-Stock Bank "Imperial".

The work of the bank.

Premises of the bank.

Press Conference of the Kaliningrad branch of the bank manager "Imperial" E.Chernova.

Conference House of the acceptance of the EEC.

On the sidelines gives an interview about the bills S.Shevchenko - Managing JSC "UES of acceptance house."

The "Russian bill."

At the conference, there is economist P.G.Bunich.

Says A.Handruev - First Deputy Chairman of the CBR.

Meeting of heads of small and medium-sized businesses on the lease.

Press Conference E.Yasina - Minister of the Russian economy.

Press Conference A.Koha - First Deputy Chairman of State Committee of Russia.

The Budget Committee of the Duma, there Smirnov, deputy Nesterenko, M.M.Zadornov.

Says Head of the Central Office of the Federal Reserve Smirnov.

Interview I.Gracheva, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on the privatization of the Russian State Duma.

Chronicle of the Air Force: 1986 - The Chernobyl accident, burying the dead in liquidation.

Stoneware German artists at the exhibition in g.


The action of the magazine "Beauty," "Goodbye, Barbie and Hello, Maroussia!": Paint the children participating in the contest, says the designer V.Zaytsev, failed to send a balloon Barbie, Barbie girl in the hands of a contented, says the composer V. Shainskiy, model competition .

Finland: Ice Palace - a building, visitors to the palace, views, wedding in an ice church.

Development of methods for synthesis, coding, and digital voice recording at the Center for Speech Technology in St.


The device is "Icarus" for the analysis of speech.

Says M.Hitrov - Director of the Center.

Examination of voice.


Li Fenlinj -- Chinese Ambassador to Russia Afanasjev E. -- scientist Kalugin S. -- financier Solncev M. -- journalist Nikolaj II Voljskij A. Poloka G. -- director Lyubimov Yu. -- theater director Liepa I. -- ballet dancer Bunich P.G. -- economist Yasin E. -- economist Koh A. -- statesman Grachev I. D. -- statesman Zajcev V. -- designer Zadornov M.M.




Moscow Vladivostok Arkhangelsk Volga Kotlas Hong Kong East Europe Mexico City (Mexico) Shanghai (China) St. Petersburg Kaliningrad Finland

Industry; Finance; Transportation; Science; Culture and Arts; Towns and countries; Foreign policy; Defense and internal security; Space