Enisei River's Meridian 2002 № 3

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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Zayceva I.

Script writers: Zajceva I.

Operators: Chaplinskij S.


Interview with the Honored Artist of the RSFSR I.V.Shpillerom.

Reel №1

I.V.Shpiller conducts rehearsal.

Residents of the city and transport on the streets of Krasnoyarsk.

The driver is talking to militiaman.

Tells I.V.Shpiller.

Alternation: I.V.Shpiller, members of the orchestra (rehearsal fragment). D.L.Matsuev.

Book V.D.Shpillera.

Recital I.V.Shpillera conductor autographs.

Alternation: recital frames, fragments of interviews.

Poster stand.

People walk on the area. I.V.Shpiller.

Administration officials and rescue services.

Descent lifeguard on ropes from a burning house.

Firefighters on the street.

From building a puff of smoke.

Sergei Shoigu in the crowd.

The soldier looks out the hatch an APC. The operator with the camera.

Alternation: I.V.Shpiller, people standing on the street.

Musician bears the cello overhead. I.V.Shpiller talking to D.L.Matsuevym.

Musician collects notes.

I.V.Shpiller D.L.Matsuev and out of the room.

Musicians tune the instrument.

The man moves the music stands.

People rearrange the piano.

People go to the concert hall.

Entrance to the ground.

Audience numbers.

General view of the hall.

The hall includes A.I.Lebed with his wife.

View of the room above.

Musicians take the stage and sit in places.

Chandeliers from the ceiling.

View from the stage into the hall.

The output conductor, the musicians stand.

Hall gets up and greets I.V.Shpillera. A.I.Lebed congratulates I.V.Shpillera.

Conductor give flowers.


Conductor enters the front of the stage and bows.


Spiller IV - Honored Artist of the RSFSR, conductor, People's Artist of the RSFSR. Matsuev DL - Virtuoso pianist, music and public figure, People's Artist of the Russian Federation. Swan AI - Politician, military commander, Lieutenant-General, the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Shoigu SK - Military and statesman, General of the Army, Defense Minister, Hero of the Russian Federation, the governor of the Moscow region in 2012, the president of the Russian Geographical Society in 2009.


Krasnoyarsk [923]


Spring [825]

Persons of arts